PreVAS stands for “pre-Validated”, “pre-Assembled” and “pre-Sterilized”.

In small batch production – clinical studies, for example – a change of product can take place on the same filling machine in just a few minutes. As a result, more economical production can be achieved than with conventional filling systems, especially when filling small batches.

Additionally, PreVAS offers advantages for larger batches: as product contact parts are completely replaced, the risk of cross contamination by the filling system is eliminated.

When filling high potency pharmaceuticals, in particular, operator safety is guaranteed by the avoidance of direct contact with the product or with contaminated surfaces. Thanks to the ready-to-use design, the filling process can begin immediately.


  • Flexibility: Fast, easy product and size changes
  • Safety: Minimal risk of cross contamination and optimum operator protection
  • Speed: No need for CIP/SIP process or cleaning validation, short time to market
  • System approach: Pre-configured, rapidly available modular elements for the most common applications, minimization of project-specific adaptations
  • Filling expertise: Bosch peristaltic pump for optimum handling in isolators, trolley version as a flexible filling station, hybrid filling stations for combined operation with conventional and single-use filling systems while maintaining constant, reproducible filling accuracy
  • Technical Data
    Case example:
    Comparison of a traditional filling system with PreVAS*
    with peristaltic pump and RAFTin isolator operation – 2 stations
    Rotary slide valve pump
    with CIP/SIP in isolator operation – 2 stations
    Preparing the filling system approx. 10 min. per batch approx. 42 min. with size part change
    Cleaning, sterilization, cooling none 3 h per batch
    Utility consumption none 10 kg steam
    150 NI purified water
    500 l WFI
    12,000 NI air/N2
    Cleaning validation none expensive
    Dismantling the filling system approx. 6 min. per batch approx 30 min. only with a change of size
    Disposal plastic with product residues waste water with products residues and possibly cleaning agents; plastics following tube changes
    * Times applied for trained operators

    Technical data are subject to change

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