KLV Series

The KLV Series is engineered for container closure integrity (CCI) testing and offers safe operation while meeting highest Bosch quality standards. The automated KLV 1360 integrates the proven vacuum decay technology into a robust mechanical platform to ensure reliable test results at low detection limits an maximum output.

The corresponding benchtop device allows inspection of single containers utilizing the same measurement system.

The KLV Series: customized solutions for individual customer requirements.

Highly sensitive technology

Vacuum decay technology is a non-destructive method for CCI testing. Within special test chambers, containers are placed under vacuum while changes in the chamber atmosphere are measured and analyzed. Gas or liquid leakages change the chamber pressure and indicate a defect regardless of its position.

Main technical benefits

Using the unique Bosch group mode, up to 3 containers are tested in the same chamber simultaneously.

As a result, output levels up to 600 containers per minute can be reached while ensuring highest levels of measurement sensitivity. Radially closing chambers, developed by Bosch, avoid container handling on cap after inspection.

Standard containers with fixed leaks and customizable re-inspection enable internal process monitoring to ensure low false reject rates and background correction


  • Higher product quality & patient safety
  • High detection sensitivity
  • Reliable leak detection better than 5 µm equivalent hole size
  • Unique design for output up to 600 containers per minute
  • Low false reject rate
  • Flexible and user-friendly platforms
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data: KLV 1360 KLV Benchtop
    Container types Vials Standard: vials, ampoules
    Other applications available on request using individual size parts
    Max. container height (mm) 115 146
    Diameter range (mm) 8-56 Typically: 8-66
    Machine weight (approx. in kg) 6,100 45
    Power supply 400 V / 50 Hz / 35 A max. 220 V / 50 Hz
    Air supply 5 bar 5 bar (or powerpack)
    Air consumption 72 m³/h at 4.2 bar at 100% V max. -

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application Examples

    Vacuum decay is the preferred leak detection technology for vials that are to be inspected for gas or liquid leakages. The automated KLV 1360 is designed for 100% CCI testing.

    Main applications

    • Lyophilized products
    • Water-based or ethanol-based solutions

    Typical applications for KLV Benchtop

    • Small batch CCI testing
    • Verification of product rejects or test results
    • Leakage type/size analysis
    • Feasibility studies and recipe development for new products
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