Kliklok MEC

The MEC features the Kliklok-patented rotary carton feeder and can package a wide variety of foods at speeds up to 170 cartons per minute.

The MEC was designed with fi rst carton right capabilities for “set it and forget it” predictable and consistent performance. Product and equipment changeovers are faster than ever. Unplanned downtime and material waste are reduced.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Speeds up to 170 cartons/min
  • Patented rotary carton feeder
  • Future-proof sanitary design
  • Connected HMI 4.0 touchscreen
  • Fast and repeatable changeovers
  • Integrated open fl ap detect + reject
  • Technical Data
    Technical Data
    Speed Up to 170 cartons/minute
    Carton Size Range Length: 9” pitch: 40 mm (1.57”) – 190 mm (7.48”)
    12” pitch: 51 mm (2.0”) – 267mm (10.5”)
    Width: 19 mm (0.75”) – 101 mm (4.0”)
    Depth: 89 mm (3.5”) – 343 mm (13.5”)
    Power Consumption 8 kVA
    Air 226 L/min (8 cfm) @ 5.5 bar (80 psi)
    Shipping Weight 3600 kg (8000 lb)

    Technical data are subject to change

    Standard and Optional Features

    Standard Features

    • Hygienic stainless steel, open-channel washdown frame (IP65) Ergonomic design for outstanding operator access
    • Powered 1.18 m carton hopper
    • Patented servo-driven rotary carton feeder
    • Vacuum generated directly at cups
    • Automatically-adjustable product infeed conveyor
    • Two-chain stainless steel transfer with quick-change lugs Unique “stacked chain” carton carrying chains
    • Multi-axis servo design
    • Barrel-cam product inserter with dual jam protection
    • Integrated open fl ap detect and reject system
    • Bosch HMI 4.0 color touch screen interface
    • Allen-Bradley control motors and drives
    • Sanitary IP65 washdown specifi cation
    • Network connectivity and data acquisition
    • Light stack machine status indicator

    Optional Features

    • Trailing minor fl ap kicker
    • Overhead confiner
    • Integrated product timing module
    • Integrated glue fi lling system
    • PIC extensions
    • Date coding
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  • Application Examples

    Kliklok endload cartoners are widely used in the frozen foods, refrigerated/prepared foods, bakery, snack, and confectionery industries. They erect and close standard sleeve cartons, open-end five-crease sleeves, octagonal gusseted and open-corner cartons, gable-top and flip-top cartons, and other special shapes.

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