Bag Sealing and Closing

Bag Sealer Machine Selection Guide*

Bag Material Application Machine Application Machine
Paper Under 20 lbs GS 1000S
Over 20 lbs HDPT
Heat Sealable
Films (plastics)
Soft film HS-CII, B-550, CBS, HA
Hard film HS-BII, B-550, CBS, HA
Medical Pouches Sterile Packaging B-550M, CBS-DM
Woven Polypropylene Over 20 lbs TFT, GS-Series, S-CH-Series

* There are many factors that can influence proper bag sealing, the criteria listed here are simplified to provide a starting point in your search for the proper bag sealing equipment. For additional help selecting the right sealer for your application please call Bosch at 715-243-2255, or contact your local Bosch sales agent.