3-A sanitary standards for dairy filling machinery

Liquid Filling Machinery for Dairy

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Bosch dairy filling machinery comply with the most challenging hygienic design guidelines

3-A Sanitary Standards are detailed and stringent design guidelines that contain hygienic equipment designed for the food industry. They define specifications and recommendations regarding the development, manufacturing, installation and use of food production plants.

To obtain the 3-A certificate, applicants must undergo a Third Party Verification (TPV) inspection based on an on-site detailed physical evaluation of an operating system in a processing facility which has to be renewed every five years.

As food safety regulations continue to strengthen, U.S. dairy producers are seeking ways to prevent product recalls. The 3-A certificate gives them an assurance that their product will be handled hygienically through the filling and packaging process, contributing to high product quality and ultimately consumer safety. Sanitary design guarantees easy cleaning because of fewer areas that can trap food and cause contamination. In addition, the hygienic machine design allows food manufacturers to minimize downtime and product waste, ensure consistently high product quality and focus on developing and delivering fresh and safe products to consumers.

Bosch Packaging Technology joined the elite group of selected suppliers with 3-A certification in the early 1990s (for a thermoforming machine). The carousel filling machine for dairy food in pre-formed bottles and cups of Ampack GmbH, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, was recently awarded the 3-A certificate.