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Packaging line revamped

Bosch modifies thermoforming line at Siemens.

  • Overview

    Modernize to maximize

    Even the best packaging machine will only continue to perform at its best if it is well maintained and upgraded regularly. Bosch Packaging Services offers you a comprehensive modernization service in line with state-of-the-art technology for improved performance and high output of your existing machinery.

    Our modernization services range from standard technical upgrades to complete machine rebuilds. They are always in line with current safety regulations and draw on cutting-edge technology. We assist you in producing new packaging formats on upgraded machinery and in maintaining your existing line layouts. Our experts support you on-site and help you to achieve increased durability, higher efficiency and improved availability. Ultimately, our holistic approach can lead to an extended lifespan of your equipment and a maximization of your profitability.


    • Upgrades for improved performance
    • Up-to-date safety features
    • Latest technology to overcome obsolete issues
    • Complete refurbishment programs
    • Machine rebuilds and overhauls
    • Line reconfiguration and recommissioning
    • Equipment relocation
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