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Weighing and Dissolving

Bosch offers gravimetric and volumetric weighing, dosing and mixing systems with a capacity from up to over 10,000 kg per hour. The modular concept is adaptable for nearly every production environment. Please choose a product to get more information about our solutions.


The innovative continuous dosing and mixing unit BDK 2000 G makes it possible to produce a sugar glucose solution without having to add water to the recipe.


500-2,200 kg/h

BDS 0116 / 6000

For the confectionery industry the Gravomat BDS 0116/6000 is a very economical and flexible weighing, dosing and mixing system for the highest quality requirements.


max. 10,000 kg/h

BLK 0600 - 5000 BR

For the continuous production of gum and jelly batches Bosch has developed a new process technique with Rapidsolver, which ensures product-compliant treatment of all parts of the recipe.


600-5,000 kg/h

BLS 0180 / 0300

The BLS 0180/0300 is available as a milk powder, pectin, isomalt, starch and gelatine-dissolving system.

Volume dissolving tank:

100 / 180 / 360 / 500 l

Volume supply tank:

100 / 180 / 360 / 500 l