Tempering and Mixing

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Bosch´s tempering and mixing systems allow to evenly and gently cool confectionery masses at a capacity from 500 to 3.000 kg/h. For more information about our systems please choose your product.


The gravimetric mixing and dosing plant BMG is configurable for different applications. The advantages of the gravimetric dosing are the product-loss-free operation, as well as the ability to mix powders or granules into the mass.

Output standard jelly mass:

800 kg/h

Foam (density 0,9):

500 kg/h


The volumetric BMV operates with dosing pumps and represents the standard solution for bubble-free dosing and mixing of candy masses.

Configurable container:

2, 12, 20 or 60 l

BTK 1000 - 4000

The cooling and tempering conveyor BTK is available in four basic models, depending on the requirements of the associated cooking plant.


1,000-4,000 kg/h

WOC 0600 / 1000

The cooling drum WOC 0600 / 1000 has an output of 600 to 1000 kg/h depending on the mass


600 - 1,000 kg/h

WRM 1000 K

The continuous mixing process achieves highest production outputs, simultaneously ensuring a good, stable mixing quality.


up to 2 t/h