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Pulling, Beating and Aerating

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The process steps pulling, beating and/ or aerating are especially important for the texture of the final product. Bosch offers customized processes for each kind of product in order to achive highest quality.


The continuous aerating system is used for the production of foam sugar masses, such as foam nougat or casting foam for jelly masses.


up to 2,000 kg/h

BZK 0152 AA

With the sugar-pulling machine BZK 0152 hard and soft caramel batches and chewing sweets can be pulled (aerated) in a continuous process.


500-1,200 kg/h

BZK 1000 B

The BZK 1000 B inline crystallizer was developed for the continuous re-crystallization and aeration of soft sugar masses.


up to 1,000 kg/h