Lab Automation

ILS Integrated Lab Station - High Throughput Experimentation and Screening

The Integrated Lab Station (ILS) is the perfect suite for companies interested in High Throughput Experimentation and High Throughput Screening.


  • Fully flexible and customizable solution
  • Integration of standard lab equipment
  • Highest possible throughput

CLS Compact Lab Station - High throughput experimentation

The CLS is ideal for the entry into High Throughput Experimentation. It can handle all kinds of liquids from low to high viscosities as well as free-flowing to sticky powders for preparing formulations.


  • Lab automation at entry level budget
  • No limitation in raw materials
  • Future-prove due to upgrade possibilities

WFM Workflow Manager - interface between LIMS and laboratory instruments

Integral software solution for faster and easier handling of data and instruments.


  • Closes gap between hardware and LIMS
  • Compatible with new and existing hardware
  • Operator configurable workflows

BLS Bosch Lab Systems Syringe

The BLS Syringe is one dosing device for a multitude of materials and compatible with a lot of mixing technologies.


  • Disposable container = no cleaning
  • Compatible with high and low viscosities
  • Large opening = easy filling

BLS Spray Application - reproducible application of paint in industrial quality

The BLS spray application allows reproducible application of small quantities of paint in high quality using a conventional spray head. It allows a quick change of paint samples without intermediate cleaning steps.


  • Operator independent spray-out quality
  • No cleaning between color changes

VAM - Visual Analysis Tool for formulation stability measurements

The Bosch Phase Analysis is a unique method for the determination of phase separation and stability of formulations. By combining different illumination technologies it is possible to analyze all kinds of formulations.


  • One analysis method for all types of formulations
  • High throughput by low measurement time