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Forming - Die Forming

Bosch´s rotating die-forming lines combine highest forming-quality with rope speeds up to 240m/min.With the forming of bar-masses you can also rely on Bosch solutions.

BAK 0150 A / B

The BAK 150 A / B rope formers along with the BSK batch former and BEK and WEF extruders are essential units in the Bosch Packaging Technology confectionery production lines.


30-150 m/min

BPK 0150 A

With the uniplast high-output forming line, Bosch offers a machine that is able to produce up to half a million candies per hour.


up to 150 m/min

BPK 0240 A

The high-performance forming line BPK 0240 A can deliver up to 1,25 million of candy pieces per hour.


up to 240 m/min

BSK 0100 A

The BSK 100 A batch former is used for shaping unfilled and filled sugar mass cones for hard caramels, lollypops, milk toffees and chewy candy.


75-100 kg