Filling, Dosing, Weighing

FIW 4011 K

The FIW 4011 K netweigher was specifically developed to fill bulk product, that does not require gas flushing. Its one-step weighing via a strain-gauge weighing cell thereby produces an exact weight.


30 weighings/min

Volume range:

up to 3 l

FIW 4021 GK

The FIW 4021 GK netweigher was specially developed to precisely fill bulk product that require product protection.


35 weighings/min

Weight range:

up to 2.6 kg

Volume Range:

up to 3.5 l

FVS Auger Filler

The FVS auger filler series was specially designed for the volumetric filling of free-flowing products.


120-1,080 fillings/min

Dosing range:

3-12,000 cm³