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Extruding and Filling

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With Bosch hard- and chewy candy extruders multi-coloured, consistently high-filled or unfilled mass-ropes can be produced. Our filling pumps ensure constant filling-rates and -quality.

BEK 0800 / 1200 MO

The BEK 0800/1200 MO extruder is a versatile machine that can be used for the manufacture of high-quality products.


800-1,200 kg/h

BEK 1200 / 1500 CO

The BEK 1200 / 1500 CO consists of two extruders which are feeding a common extrusion head. Through two vertical batch feeders the sugar mass is feed to the extrusion screws and a rope is formed out of two basic masses.


1,200-1,500 kg/h

BFK 0200 / 0500

The BFK 0200/0500 filling machine continuously tempers and accurately delivers adjustable quantities of liquid, semi-liquid or pasty products, and has a precise metering and tempering system.


50-150 l

Makat KE 80

The Makat Depositor/Extruder combines the flexibility of a roller extruder with the accuracy of a piston depositor.


up to 50 strokes/min