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BCK 0750 - 2000

The BCK 0750 - 2000 candy cooling system is characterized by an even and gentle cooling. It cools large quantities of die-formed, filled or unfilled candies, from forming temperature down to packaging temperature.


750, 1000, 1500, 2000 kg/h

WRC 0600 AA

Robert Bosch GmbH offers the complete range of a product cooling system and a cooling system arranged downstream of the chocolate/compound coating machine.

Speed range:

1.0 - 6.0 m/min

WSC 0045 / 0080

In order to assure a good final product quality, the formed product has to be cooled down before downstream processing (e.g. coating,…) so it stays in shape.

Output WSC 0045:

max. 1.2 t/h

Output WSC 0080:

max. 2.4 t/h


The Robert Bosch Group offers WTC 1300-1800 cooling systems for cooling of chewing gum, chewy sweets and low-boiled sugar masses.


depends on machine configuration