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Bosch cooking systems allow for a continuous or batchwise production of high quality masses with a capacity from 250 up to 1,500 kg/h. Depending on the product type the cylinder-, coil- or helix-cooker is used. For further information please choose your product.

BKK 0500 / 0750

The high-performance vacuum-cylinder cooking machine BKK 500/750 is used for continuous cooking of milk hard and soft sugar masses.


500 - 1,500 kg/h

BKK 1000 - 4000

The BKK 1000 - 4000 are continuous cooking lines that are used to manufacture dairy-free and dairy-containing hard caramel masses.


1,000-4,000 kg/h

BKS 0112 / 0114

The universal batch cooker BKS 0114 is a versatile system for the production of soft caramels (toffees, chewy candy), filling of all types, also jam, gum and jelly confectionery as well as low boiled sugar-glucose solutions.


up to 400 kg/h

BKS 0750 / 1250

The main feature of the BKS 0750/1250 swivelling vessel cooker with vacuumization and batch discharge is its product-saving cooking process.


750-1,250 kg/h