Bag Sealing and Closing

Bosch offers the widest selection of bag closing machines available anywhere. For over 60 years, Bosch's Doboy line of bag sealers have led the industry. Our reputation is built on being a supplier of high-quality and dependable packaging machines.

Bag Sealer Machine Selection Guide *

Bag Material Application Machine Application Machine
Paper Under 20 lbs GS 1000S
Over 20 lbs HDPT
Heat Sealable
Films (plastics)
Soft film HS-CII, B-550, CBS, HA
Hard film HS-BII, B-550, CBS, HA
Medical Pouches Sterile Packaging B-550M, CBS-DM
Woven Polypropylene Over 20 lbs TFT, GS-Series, S-CH-Series

* There are many factors that can influence proper bag sealing, the criteria listed here are simplified to provide a starting point in your search for the proper bag sealing equipment. For additional help selecting the right sealer for your application please call Bosch at 715-243-2255, or contact your local Bosch sales agent.

Doboy B-550

The B-550 band sealer provides industrial performance at an economic price. Built to the same high standards as our larger machines, the B-550 features a robost AC motor drive and heat sealing system that precisely seals a wide range of bag materials and formats at high speeds.


Doboy CBS-D

The Doboy CBS-D is a high-quality continuous band sealer intended for multiple packaging shift applications or where package sealing requirements are more demanding.

up to 1200 "/min

Doboy GS-1000 S

Bosch‘s most advanced bag gluer, the Doboy GS-1000 S, is the logical choice when high-speed packaging production is required. With sealing capacity of up to 75 bags per minute, the GS-1000 S is ideal for any automatic packaging line.

75 - 100"/min

Doboy HDPT

The Doboy HDPT is a pinch style bag closer designed to seal an inner bag liner and complete a standard pinch closure, providing the most secure bag closure available.

up to 60"/min

Doboy HS-BII

The Doboy HS-BII Rotary Sealer dependably seals supported films such as cellophane, glassine and paper laminates. The timing belt assures positive grip of material for clean, attractive closure.

up to 200"/min

Doboy HS-CII

The Doboy HS-CII series plastic bag sealer is a portable hand band sealer machine, which offers exceptional value in product packaging performance.

up to 200"/min

Doboy JSL

The Doboy JSL Labeler heat seals a paper header label to the top of a premade bag. With labeling speeds up to 30 bags per minute, it is perfect labeling machine for many packaging applications.

up to 30 bags/min

Doboy S-CH

The Doboy S-CH Series Sealers are designed to seal bags containing bulk products at speeds of up to 100 ft/min. Gauges up to 8 mil. gusseted can be used. Applications include fertilizers, resigns, titanium dioxide, garden products, agricultural chemicals, pet foods and many others.

max 100 ft/min