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WRF 600 Flex

WRF 600 Flex

Flexible Slab Former

  • Overview

    Bosch is launching its WRF 600 Flex slab former with a flexible working width, which optimizes or eliminates the trim when processing bar slabs, including cereal-, candy-, protein- and fruit bars.

    The major benefit is the flexibility of the working width even during production and the following optimum cutting edge. As a result, less product is wasted, helping decrease production costs and contribute to faster return on investment (ROI).



    • Optimum cutting edge due to flexible working width
    • No production stop for setting necessary
    • Tool-free cleaning and maintenance
    • Hygienic design
    • Roller cross-flow tempering for optimized temperature profile
    • Easy and precise setting of roller gap (offset)
    • Easy to open mass funnel facilitates inspecting, empting and cleaning the machine

  • Technical
    Technical data:
    Working width 400 - 1,500 mm
    Adjustment range working width ± 50 mm, steplessly adjustable
    Carpet height 5 - 30 mm, steplessly adjustable
    Forming speed 0,5 - 6 m/min
    Hopper volume 20 - 75 l
    Weight 1,350 - 3,115 kg

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    The smooth slab former offers a flexible working width and allows an easy, stepless and tool-free adjustment for precise cutting of different product sizes. Using the WRF 600 Flex, the mass slab is formed gently without applying any pressure. As a standard, the slab thickness can be continuously adjusted manually between 5 and 30 mm. The slab former is optionally equipped with a greasing device that can be used to ensure that the mass can be optimally removed from the rollers.

    The roller surface is hard chromium plated and resistant against damage. The speeds of the individual rollers can be adjusted independent of each other via frequency drives. The double duct tempering channels (“cross flow tempering system”) provide an optimum tempering of the rollers, guaranteeing a constant and even roller temperature across entire working width.

    With its hygienic design the machine is subject to the most stringent hygiene requirements and is easily accessible from all sides. The hinged mass funnel facilitates fast inspection and thorough cleaning inside the machine. Bacterial or allergenic residues in the machine can be completely avoided.

    Unlike other machines of its kind available in the market, Bosch’s WRF 600 Flex enables width changes without production stoppages, maximizing uptime and output. This also allows for maximum product usage as product is not wasted due to stoppages, contributing to faster ROI. In addition, manufacturers benefit from hygienic design and easy tool-less cleaning.

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