Woodman G3 / G3c

Woodman G3 / G3c

Woodman G3 / G3c

Intermittent- and Continuous-Motion Bagmakers

  • Overview

    The G3 and G3c dual-tube “Universal Bagmakers” provide ease of use, high speed, and package size flexibility to applications including: potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, pretzels, snack crackers, popcorn and all other salted snacks. They produce a wide range of bag sizes with consistent performance throughout the range, thanks to servo motion controls and auto program setup. The G3c is a continuous-motion machine providing higher speeds.

    The G3 and G3c produce pillow pouches, block bottom bags, and perforated strings, and can apply promotional strips, notches and punched holes. The advanced servo motion control of the film pull belts, end-seal jaws and stripping, provides quiet, smooth and fast operation.

    • Woodman-exclusive programmable stripping, clamp and settler
    • Easy operation with Insight® touchscreen HMI
    • Out-of-the-way electrical cabinets for smaller footprint
    • Maximum access with open-design Flex-Mount frame
    • Increased uptime with easy film threading


    • Speeds up to 240 bpm with dual formers
    • Open design for maximum access
    • Flex-Mount frame for direct mounting of weigher
    • Recessed electrical cabinets lessen footprint
    • Woodman-exclusive product clamp and settler
    • Easy-lacing film path for fast changeovers
    • Easy-to-use Insight® touchscreen HMI

  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Speed Variable, 20 – 200 (240 G3c) bags per minute both tubes
    Bag Size Range Width: 63 mm (2.5”) – 266 mm (10.5”)
    Length: 76 mm (3”) – 559 mm (22”)
    Bag Styles Pillow Pouch (fin or lap seal), Flat/Block Bottom, Gusseted, Stand-up Pouch
    Power Consumption 7 kVA
    Air 43 L/min (1.5 CFM) at 4.8 bar (70 psi) for 100 bpm (707 L/min / 25 CFM at startup)
    Environment Normal ambient temp. 10–38°C (50–100°F), less than 90% non-condensing humidity
    Film Roll Specs Film core inside diameter: 76 mm (3”)
    Max film roll outside diameter: 508mm (20”)
    Max film roll weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard and Options Features:

    Standard Features


    • Continuous-motion profile
    • Film-driven rotary seam seal bar

    G3 and G3C

    • Intermittent motion
    • Open-design tubular steel frame
    • Servo motor-controlled: film pull belts, end seal jaws and stripping motion
    • Cantilevered film spindle with powered film unwind
    • Self-positioning seam seal bar
    • Straight-line film threading
    • Electronic registration control
    • Product clamp and settler
    • Sealing jaws with Heat Pipe technology
    • Insight® Color Graphic Touch Screen HMI with performance reporting, diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Automatic program setup
    • Instant program changeover
    • Quick-change former assembly
    • “Off the shelf” control components
    • In-frame electrical panels
    • Ancillary device isolated interface strip
    • 110-volt convenience outlet and data port
    • Full safety guarding and interlocks
    • Able to accept Woodman Gemini formers

    Optional Features

    • Direct-to-frame filling system support
    • Vacuum film splice assist
    • Woodman Codeline TTO printer
    • Integrated code-date mounts and controls
    • Automatic film tracking
    • Quick-change ultralight former assembly
    • Programmed nitrogen flush
    • Frame-mounted or former-mounted product poker
    • Vacuum film assist
    • Quick-change jaws
    • Hole-punch jaws
    • Wavy knife
    • Notcher
    • Perforated bag strip
    • Special end seal configurations
    • Flat-bottom bag sealing system
    • Gusset tuckers
    • Promotional strip
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Web browser for single point control
    • Low-level film alarm

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    Woodman G3

    Woodman G3c

  • Application

    Woodman vertical form-fill-seal bagmakers are used extensively worldwide to package:

    • potato chips
    • tortilla and corn chips
    • extruded snacks
    • pretzels
    • nuts
    • candy
    • cookies and crackers
    • pasta
    • cereal, croutons
    • mini muffins and pancakes
    • powders/granulated products
    • many other dry, free-flowing foods

    Pillow pouch
    Gusseted bag
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