Woodman Apache

Woodman Apache

Woodman Apache

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Bagmaker

  • Overview

    The Woodman Apache bagmaker provides outstanding ease of use, speed, and package size flexibility to the non-snack food industries: candy, nuts, crackers, cookies, cereals and granular products.

    Woodman bagmakers are known for their value, performance, dependability, and durability. We used non-proprietary, top-tier, “off the shelf” Allen-Bradley® control components in a full servo design to lower your cost of ownership.

    The cost-saving Flex-Mount welded tubular steel frame is designed to support weighers, augers and volumetric fillers, eliminating the need for mezzanines. The low machine height provides greater installation flexibility.

    • Fast, fool-proof setup with self-positioning seam seal bar
    • Maximum access with open frame and swing-away electrical box
    • Legendary durability with servo motion systems
    • Easy operation with Insight® touchscreen HMI
    • Increased uptime with easy film threading and high-capacity film roll


    • Speeds up to 120 bpm
    • Strong, low-profile Flex-Mount frame
    • Easy-to-use Insight® touchscreen HMI
    • Open design for maximum access
    • Easy 10-minute changeovers

  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Speed Up to 120 bags/minute
    Bag Size Range Width: 63 mm (2.5”) – 350 mm (13.75”)
    Length: 76 mm (3”) – 559 mm (22”)
    Bag Styles Pillow pouch (fin or lap seal), flat bottom, gusseted
    Power Consumption 7 kVA
    Air 43 L/min (1.5 CFM) at 4.8 bar (70 psi) for 100 bpm (707 L/min / 25 CFM at startup)
    Environment Normal ambient temp. 10–38°C (50–100°F), less than 90% non-condensing humidity
    Film Roll Specs Film core inside diameter: 76 mm (3”)
    Max film roll outside diameter: 635 mm (25”)
    Max film roll weight: 136 kg (300 lbs)
    Shipping Weight, Skidded 1245 kg (2744 lb)

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard and Options Features:

    Standard Features

    • Intermittent motion profile
    • Open-design tubular steel Flex-Mount frame
    • Servo motor-controlled film pull belts and end seal jaws
    • Powered film unwind
    • Swing-away hinged electrical enclosure
    • Insight® Color Graphic Touch Screen HMI
    • Comprehensive performance reporting, diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Raiseable dancer bars for easy film lacing
    • High-capacity web handling (25” roll)
    • Self-positioning seam seal bar
    • Automatic program setup
    • Instant program changeover
    • Allen-Bradley machine control components
    • Quick-change former assembly
    • Electronic registration control
    • Full safety guarding and interlocks
    • Ancillary device isolated interface strip
    • 110-volt convenience outlet and data port
    • Maintenance-free bearings, bushings and guides

    Optional Features

    • Direct-to-frame filling system support
    • Stainless steel water-wash IP54 frame
    • Special end-seal configurations
    • Six-channel temp control with auto-tuning capacity
    • Flat-bottom bag system
    • Gusset tuckers
    • Quick-change jaws
    • Hole-punch jaws
    • Perforated bag strip
    • Wavy knife
    • Notcher
    • Promotional strip
    • Cereal mods
    • Automatic film tracking
    • Low level film alarm
    • Vacuum film splice assist
    • Vacuum film advance
    • Integrated code-date imprinters, mounts and controls
    • Programmed nitrogen flush
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Auxiliary film rack

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    Woodman Apache

  • Application

    Woodman vertical form-fill-seal bagmakers are used extensively worldwide to package:

    • potato chips
    • tortilla and corn chips
    • extruded snacks
    • pretzels
    • nuts
    • candy
    • cookies and crackers
    • pasta
    • cereal, croutons
    • mini muffins and pancakes
    • powders/granulated products
    • many other dry, free-flowing foods

    Pillow bag
    Gusseted bag
    flat bottom bag
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