Terra 40

Terra 40

Vertical form fill and seal machine

only available in SAARC, Africa, Middle East

  • Overview

    Low operating costs:

    • State-of-the-art PLC-technology with integrated accurate temperature control
    • Minimum film waste
    • Low maintenance and servicing
    • Manually adjustable web tracking
    • Fast, toolless changeover


    • Memory for 35 programs, including temperature control
    • Large size range
    • Possible integration with up- and downstream equipment for use in packaging lines

    Operator friendly:

    • Easy to use operating panel
    • Easy to clean
    • Safety features such as Interlocking and Password protection

    Machine construction:

    • Double film transport system (intermittent friction belt & feeding roller) so the film advances with low tension over forming shoulder, Maximum out-forming of the bag shape so optimum degree of filling can be achieved
    • Wide-opening double front doors and one side door for easily accessible interior
    • Aluminum construction with totally enclosed cavities
    • Compact modular design
    • Low overall height

    Secure, reliable seams:

    • Separately driven pneumatic cross seal for precise and ?constant motion & sealing/welding pressure (max. 4000N)
    • Application-related sealing time optimization
    • Reproducible quality of longitudinal seam


    • Versatile packaging machine for different fill weights
    • Bag support system for large fill weights
    • Transparent construction & operation
    • Double film transport with simple belt adjustment
    • Temperature control integrated in PLC
    • Proven and affordable Bosch quality
    • Low operating cost
    • In PLC integrated accurate temperature control
    • Flexible and easy to operate
    • Service net work all over India
    • Friction belt draw off with double film transport resulting in excellent bag length accuracy
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    up to 60 bags/min
    Bag style: pillow, also with hole punch unit Bag length: 175 - 700 mm
    Bag width: 180 - 400 mm
    Bag style: gusseted Bag length: 175 - 700 mm
    Bag width: 180 - 400 mm
    Bag style: block-bottom Bag length: 175 - 700 mm
    Bag width (W): 100 - 230 mm
    Bag depth (D): 50 - 170 mm
    Total W + D = max. 400 mm
    Maximum bag weight / volume 10 kg / 17 liter
    Connected electrical load
    5.2 kVA
    Compressed air requirement
    3,0l / cycle at minimum pressure of 5 bar
    4,0l / cycle for PE welding
    Degree of protection
    IP 54
    Machine dimensions (W x D x H)
    1,560 x 3,155 x 2,000 mm
    Packaging Materials
    Heat-sealable packaging materials, including boiled in bag films and weldable monofilms
    Film reel inner / outer diameter
    70-77 mm / max. 950 mm
    Film roll weight max. 90 kg

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Variety of fillers, weighers and dosers
    • Long- and cross seal jaw cooling
    • Printer & print registration control
    • Block-bottom device
    • Anti-static device
    • Product protective gas flushing devices
    • Dust extraction in filling tube
    • Air expellers
    • Pre-warning of end of packaging material
    • Hole punch & euro hole devices for top bag seam
    • Handle cut mechanism
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  • Application

    Ideal for following applications:

    • Pesticides
    • White Cement
    • Rice
    • Wheat flour
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