SVE 3800 AB

The SVE 3800 AB vffs machine

SVE 3800 AB

Continuous motion vffs bagger for efficient packaging of large formats

Only available in North and South America

  • Overview

    The SVE 3800 AB vffs machine features proven Bosch film handling and sealing for superior package presentation.  Its compact design and low height, combined with precise servo motors, ensures gentle product handling ad high efficiencies at maximum throughput.  Known for its open frame design, the SVE 3800 AB vertical bagging machine provides easy access for production and maintenance personnel and fast, repeatable changeovers. 

    The SVE 3800 AB vffs machine can produce various pack styles through easy changeovers, providing you the flexibility to run different products on a single machine, and quickly and economically respond to changes in market demand.



    • Continuous material advance at consistent speed provides maximum reliability
    • No lubrication in standard configuration
    • Modular engineering provides for easy component replacement
    • Wide open easily accessible interior
    • Offers process monitoring and data-input validity checking
    • Fast, easy one-part size change
    • Servo technology permits touch-button program change
    • 100 program memory
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Mechanical output 15 – 120 bags/minute
    Bag dimensions

    Pillow bag
    Width 60 – 380 mm (2 1/3 – 15 inches)
    Length 75 – 600 mm (3 – 24 inches)
    Block-bottom/Gusseted bag  
    Width 50 – 330 mm (2 – 13 inches)
    Depth 30 – 140 mm (1 – 5 ½ inches)
    Width + Depth ≤ 380 mm (15 inches)
    Length 75 – 600 mm (3 – 24 inches)

    Compressed air requirement (at minimum pressure of 75 psi)
    HS-Sealing 0.38 CFM
    PE-welding 3.8 CFM
    Machine dimensions
    (W x D x H)
    1,120 x 2,336 x 1,846 mm
    (44.1 x 92.0 x 72.7 inches)
    Packaging material Imprinted or non-imprinted of the reel
    Heatsealable packaging material and weldable monofilm

    Technical data are subject to change

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