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Solidlab 2

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    Solidlab 2

    Flexible laboratory production unit

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    Solidlab 2

    Flexible laboratory production unit

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    Solidlab 2

    Flexible laboratory production unit

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    Solidlab 2

    Flexible laboratory production unit

  • Overview

    Easy scale-up

    The Solidlab 2 laboratory machine handles batch sizes from 0.25 to 12 kilograms in laboratory scale. The different modules use a common periphery and are constructed like full scale production machines. This enables an easy scale-up of all production parameters.

    Combi Module

    The fluid bed and the coater are both operated via a Combi Module with common software. This significantly reduces the need for operative personnel and training. The joint air treatment is´located in the technical room, which not only contains the Monobloc but also the switchboard, and enables a space-saving layout.



    • Up to eight functions in one device
    • Modular layout, compact design
    • Common control software Provicon
    • Joint air treatment and sensor technology
    • Open recipe creation and management
    • Reproducible and controllable results
    • High planning flexibility, many available options

  • Technical

    Technical Data:


    Technical data are subject to change

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    Machine video

  • Application

    The higher your requirements for drying, granulation and coating/layering are, the more you benefit from the Huttlin fluid bed technology. The spraying system with the three-component nozzle generates homogeneous granules and excellent coating. The patented process gas distributor plate prevents adhesion of the product and offers the best conditions for reliable and reproducible processes.

    Machine options:

    Mixing I

    For all solid products, e.g. powder, crystal, granules, Extrudate, Pellets, etc. for a quick and homogeneous mixing process.

    Coating I

    Particles with diffrent sizes and geometries can be optimal coated by the effectice 3-nozzle Sprayingsystem.

    Mixing II

    Mixing for dry particles.

    Coating II

    Coating for tablets and shaped products with diffrent sizes.


    Products with diffrent humidity can be optimal fluidized and dried to a defined residual moisture by the Diskjet bottom.


    Coating of tablets by applying a sugar solution with subsequent drying process.



    • Variable drum inserts
    • Smaller fluid bed material containers
    • WIP (Wash-in-Place)
    • Air humidifier and dehumidifier
    • Active de-dusting unit

    Solidlab 2 – With fluid bed, coating and mixing module, batch sizes ranging from 0.25 –15 kg*

    Customize your lab
    Product Movement
    Product Movement
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