Sigpack RN

Vertical flat pouch packaging machine

High Speed Powder Dosing, Pouch Forming and Sealing

  • Overview

    The Sigpack RN flat pouch packaging machine helps you to achieve long-term success. We guarantee a compact solution with highest output on a small foot print including reliable weight control, less product loss, easy handling and cleaning.


    Free and sluggish-flowing powders, pellets and granules from food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

    Packaging material

    Heat-sealable composite film

    For example: PAP/PE; PAP/ALU/PE; PET/ALU/PE


    Sachet (Flat-Pouch) for pharmaceutical powder products as well as the food industry. An attractive and practical packstyle which can be realized in various variants such as single pouch, double pouch or chain pouches.


    The Sigpack RN is based on a robust construction which ensures effective multi-shift operation. Modular servo driven functions and elements enable precise and reproducible movements.

    Ergonomics and design

    The easy access to all machine parts, the user-friendly operation height and the good visibility to the product flow allow optimal and easy operations of the Sigpack RN. The clear and modular structure enables good accessibility for operation, maintanance and cleaning. The Sigpack RN is designed with consideration of GMP guidelines.

    The primary packaging Sigpack RN is a multi-lane, vertical sachet machine optimized for the packaging process of sensitive powders or granules. The various feed technologies utilized are specific to the clients’ powder or granule, ensuring high speed, accuracy and reliability.

    Dosing technology

    For precise dosing of difficult flowing powders and granules, the Sigpack RN is equipped with either a patented auger filler or tipping filler. These technologies perform up to 125 cycles per minute. Individually adjustable dosing cups guarantee reliable weight accuracy at high speed while providing gentle product handling. By filling deep inside the forming pouch, the dosing technology minimizes the product loss and ensures a clean sealing seam. The swivel mechanism of the dosing units ensures optimal accessibility and easy cleaning.

    Sealing technology

    The extended sealing time achieved leads to reliable seal tightness. The low sealing temperature required results in a low thermal impact on the packaging material and on the product itself. The continuous operating principle provides gentle material handling and results in a consistent pouch quality with high output.


    Your benefits

    • Dosing accuracy and less product loss – „Less give away“
      • The machine will be quickly amortized due to the precise dosing and high efficiency.
    • High speed
      • Up to 1‘000 flat pouches per minute, suitable for multi-shift operation.
    • Optimal accessibility, easy handling and quick cleaning
      • through „swivel“ mounted dosing unit and modular design.
    • High pouch quality
      • A visually appealing packstyle, less product loss and high seal integrity.
  • Technical
    Up to 1,000 sachets per minute 125 cycles per track per minute    
    Size Range Pouch Width max.* Pouch Length min. Pouch Length max.
    4 tracks 100 mm 105 mm 150 mm
    5 tracks 80 mm 85 mm 150 mm
    6 tracks 66.5 mm 70 mm 130 mm
    7 tracks 57 mm 60 mm 110 mm
    8 tracks 50 mm 55 mm 100 mm
          *other dimensions on request
    Packaging Material Reels      
    Width up to 800 mm Diameter up to 600 mm Core diameter 70 oder 76 mm

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard Features

    • Transparent guarding of system
    • Product feeding to dosing chamber
    • Swivel mounted dosing unit
    • Operation through HMI touch screen
    • Integrated and air-conditioned control cabinet
    • Servo driven foil tracking
    • Automatic splice and glue detection
    • Integrated splicetable


    • Servo driven transport unit
    • Servo driven stacking unit
    • Integrated cartoning transport
    • Carton erection and closing section
    • Management Information System
    • Integration of easy opening features
    • Product gas flushing
    • Automatic splice and glue detection
    • Automatic foil tracking
    • Coding of carton and/or pouch
    • Code verification
    • 100 % inline weight control

    ... and much more

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