Sigpack HMAD

Sigpack HMAD

Highest flexibility with maximum productivity on two independent lanes

  • Overview


    Biscuits, bars, chocolate tablets, crackers or baked goods, single, stacked or on edge

    Food products with a texture and consistency requiring the flow wrapping machine to be dry cleaned (Wipe Down).


    Loose or tight-fitting pillow packs, with or without gusset fold. Longitudinally or cross-crimped end fins, with straight or zig-zag cut and longitudinally or cross-crimped longitudinal seam. Optional extras include labels and opening aid. Hermetic packages due to extended heating time.

    Packaging material

    Printed or plain heat-sealable mono or laminated films including aluminum laminates

    Mode of operation

    Products are fed into the machine. The film is folded and shaped like a hose, and sealed longitudinally and transversely. The film is printable with different printing techniques (e.g. Ink-Jet, thermal transfer or laser). Fast and safe change of reels thanks to automatic film splicing.


    This servo machine with its robust, modular con-struction suited to 3-shift operation ensures optimized system integration. Thanks to its modular design the machine can be geared to your effective needs as for example sealing technology, product feeding or packaging material handling. Indepen-dent tracks guarantee a high efficiency. Compo-nents remain lubricated throughout their life cycle which ensures continuously low maintenance inten-sity. The machine is available in left-hand and right-hand executions.

    Ergonomics and design

    The ergonomic design provides easy access to all machine parts. This enables comfortable operation, fast change overs and easy replacement of packaging material reels. The machine's casings ensure safety and noise protection.


    Your benefits:

    • Compact layout with double performance
    • High packaging flexibility – pile and slug on the same machine
    • New cross sealing station with extended sealing time for high speed heat sealing
    • Highest flexibility with maximum productivity on two independent lanes
    • Simple and fast format changes and intuitive operation
    • Highly efficient and cost effective
  • Technical
    Specifications Sigpack HMAD
    Product dimensions
    Product lenght 25 to 200 mm
    Product width 15 to 100 mm
    Product height 5 to 70 mm
    Performance Hotseal AHS Coldseal
    Product performance up to 2 x 800 ppm up to 2x 1500 ppm
    Film speed up to 90 m/mm up to 150 m/mm
    Packaging material dimensions
    Reel width max. 300 mm
    Reel diameter max. 400 mm
    Core diameter 76 mm
    Reel weight max. 25 kg
    HMAD approx. 7 t

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard Features:

    • Cross sealing station with extended sealing time (AHS)
    • Heat sealing equipment
    • Automatic film splicing
    • HMI with 21,5” touch screen
    • Allen Bradley control and drive
    • Outlet belt with vacuum
    • Miscount detection


    • Mechanical gusset folder
    • High performance splice (HPS)
    • Water-cooled base plates
    • Air suction
    • Easy opening aids
    • Asymmetrical longitudinal seam
    • Extraction of empty packages

    … and many more

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