Sigpack HRM

Sigpack HRM

High speed flow wrapping machine for bar line applications

  • Overview


    Chocolate, fruit bars and other food and luxury foodstuffs, non-food and homecare articles, arranged individually or in groups


    • Tight-fitting or loose pillow pack packages with or without gusset folding.
    • End fins: longitudinally or cross crimped, with straight, zig-zag or clip cut-off
    • Longitudinal seam: longitudinally or cross crimped
    • Print code, cardboard insert, label or coupon, tear strip, tear-open notches and other opening aids on request.

    Packaging material

    Printed, print-registered or non-printed, heat or cold sealable mono or composite foils


    This servo machine with its robust, modular construction suited to 3-shift operation is available in left-hand and right-hand executions. The Sigpack HRM ensures optimized system integration as well as various transverse sealing stations, heat-seal design or film infeed HPS. The strict separation of product or packaging material handling and drive elements meets the highest levels in hygiene requirements. Components remain lubricated throughout their life cycle which ensures continuously low maintenance intensity.

    Ergonomics and design

    The machines are designed to ensure easy access to all machine parts. The ergonomic operating height ensures the smooth running of the system, quick format changes and an easy exchange of packaging material reels. Transparent casings provide a direct view of the machine at all times, fulfilling safety and noise protection requirements. Dropped product debris is collected by crumb plates.


    The Sigpack HRM is fitted with a 12“ colour touchscreen which can be used to set product-specific parameters.In case of a fault, a troubleshooting procedure is immediately displayed. Additionally, production statistics as well as the current operating status can be requested. During standard operation, the machine can be operated via a separate key field.


    Your benefits

    • Hygienic design
    • Optimal access for cleaning and maintenance
    • Unsurpassed flexibility while maintaining maximum productivity
    • High efficiency
    • Easy operation and high operational safety
    • Tool-free format changes via digital displays and quick-action closures
    • AC servo motors
    • Minimal maintenance
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Products up to 1,500 ppm
    Film speed up to 150 m/min
    *Product- and film characteristics may affect machine output
    Size Range*
    Product length 25 - 180 mm
    Product width 10 - 90 mm
    Product height up to 50 mm
    * longer product sizes on request
    Packaging Material Reel
    Reel diameter max. 500 mm
    Core diameter 70 - 76 mm
    Packaging material width max. 250 mm
    Weight max. 50 kg (hoisting device optional)
    Power supply 3-phase, 380–480 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption 12 kVA / Earth, no zero conductor
    Air 6 bar; 0,03–1 m3/h for faulty package reject

    Technical data are subject to change

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