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Sigpack HCS and FCC

Sigpack HCS

Horizontal flow wrapper machine for high speed applications

  • Overview


    Robust steel frame servo-machine for multi-shift operation with high modularity; strict division between product/ packaging material handling and drive elements; permanent lubrication. Left- and right hand version available.

    Package Styles

    Taut or slack pillow pack with gusset fold. End fins: longitudinally or cross crimped, with straight or zigzag cut-off. With print code, label or coupon, tear strip on request.

    Packaging material

    Printed, register-printed or plain, heat sealable or cold sealable monolayer or laminated film structures.


    The touch screen of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) panel is integrated on the front of the machine. As an option also an adjustable panel, mounted on a swivel arm, is available. Parameter entry, errors, production statistics and measures to rectify occurring errors are all displayed on the HMI.

    Ergonomics and design

    The pillow pack machine and the cross chain are designed for easy access to all machine parts. The ergonomic operating height guarantees comfortable operation, fast conversion to new sizes and shapes and easy exchange of packaging material reels. Guardings provide safety and noise protection and crumb trays catch any falling product waste.




    • Availability, Compactness, Information, Reliability


    • Operation, Size Change
    • Cleaning and Maintenance


    • Operating Modes plus System Integration & Modularity
  • Technical
    Technical data:
    Products up to 300 ppm
    Film speed up to 60 Meters per minute
    *Product and film characteristics may affect machine output
    Size Range  
    Package cutoff length 50 – 500 mm
    Product length 45 – 270 mm
    Product width max. 185 mm or max. 335 mm
    Product height max. 80 mm or max. 130 mm
    Film Dimensions  
    Width max. 700 mm
    Reel diameter max. 400 mm
    Core diameter 70 mm or 76 mm
    Weight max. 60 kg (hoisting device)
    Voltage 3-phases, 380–480 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power usage 14 kVA / Earth, no zero conductor
    Air 6 bar; 0.03–1 m3/h for faulty package reject and/or air-operated gusset folder

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard Features:

    • Rotary cross sealing
    • 1 or 2 up crimper assembly
    • 3 pairs of fin wheels
    • Film advance rollers, hygiene execution
    • Double film unwind
    • Automatic film splicing with film detection
    • 3 servo motors
    • Electric eye for registered film
    • Manual film tracking control
    • Heat seal equipment
    • Transparent PET guarding concept
    • ControlLogix
    • Color-Touch screen 12”
    • In feed conveyor family with a wide range of product specific functionalities
    • Parts in contact with product in stainless steel


    • Mechanical or pneumatically gusseting device
    • Additional static heating at fin wheel unit
    • Air evacuation
    • Empty flight compensation
    • Acceleration pusher
    • Cross chain for high speed Duplex feeding
    • Cross slug version
    • Slug length calibrator and reject
    • Flexible side chain
    • Side chain through cross sealing
    • Different opening devices (notch, tear tape, etc.)
    • Overhead chain
    • Automatic film tracking control
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