Sigpack HCM

Sigpack HCM

Horizontal flow wrapper machine for high-speed applications

  • Overview


    Chocolate and fruit bars, biscuits and other food products, pharmaceutical products, non-packed or pre-packed, individually wrapped or arranged in groups.

    Food products with a texture and consistency requiring the flow wrapping machine to be dry-cleaned (Wipe Down).

    Package styles

    Loose or tight-fitting pillow packages, with or without gusset folding. Longitudinally or cross-crimped end fins, with straight, zig-zag or clip cut-off. Longitudinally or cross-crimped longitudinal seam. Optional extras include print code, carton insert, label or coupon, tear strip, tear notches and other easy opening features.

    Packaging material

    printed, register-printed or non-printed, heat or cold sealable monolayer or laminated film structures.

    Mode of operation

    Products are supplied to the machine. The film is folded and shaped like a hose and longitudinally and transversely sealed. The film is printable with different printing techniques. Fast and safe change of reels thanks to automatic film splicing. The flow wrapper can be marked with a label.


    This servo machine with its robust, modular construction suited to 3-shift operation ensures optimized system integration. The strict separation of product or packaging material handling and drive elements meet highest levels in hygiene requirements. The machine is available in left-hand and right-hand executions.

    Ergonomics and design

    The ergonomic design guarantees quick access to all machine parts. This enables comfortable operation, fast change over to new products and pack styles as well as easy changing of packaging material reels. The machine casing ensures safety and noise protection. Trays collect dropped product debris and dust.


    Your benefits

    • High flexibility with maximum productivity for cold and heat sealing films
    • Very fast cold and heat sealing speeds with high packaging density
    • Hygienic design with optimal accessibility for maintenance and cleaning
    • High efficiency
    • Operator friendly with high safety standards
    • Fast and secure format changes
    • Easy integration with distribution and infeed systems (Seamless System)
  • Technical
    Specifications Sigpack HCM
    Product Dimensions Standard Optional
    Cut-off lenght 50 to 500 mm > 500 mm with
    technical control
    Product width up to 185 mm up to 335 mm
    Product height up to 80 mm up to 130 mm
    Performance Standard Optional
    Product performance up to 600 ppm up to 1000 ppm with
    technical clarification
    Film speed up to 60 m/min > 110 m/min with
    technical clarification
    Packaging material
    Standard Optional
    Reel width max. 400 mm max. 700 mm
    Reel diameter max. 400 mm  
    Core diameter 70 mm 76 mm
    Reel weight max. 60 kg Hoisting device
    on request

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard Features:

    • Hot or cold sealing unit
    • Rotary cross sealing unit with 5 standard centre distances
    • 4 pairs of finwheels (cold, two heated, foldover)
    • 3 servo motors (infeed support, longitudinal roller advance, transverse sealing station)
    • Automatic film splicing with film end detection
    • Electric eye for registered film
    • Transparent PET guarding concept
    • HMI with touchscreen
    • Infeed conveyor family
    • Pharma documentation


    • Mechanical or pneumatical gusseting device
    • Additional static heating at fin-wheel unit
    • Air evacuation
    • Water cooled fin-wheel cover plates
    • Easy opening features, euro hole at cross seal
    • No Gap No Seal (NGNS) function
    • Automatic film tracking
    • Online verification of sealing parameters
    • Vision control

    … and many more

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