Pack 5 DL

Pack 5 DL

Horizontal wrapper with dual lane infeed chain

  • Overview

    The Pack 500 DL is a unique dual lane horizontal wrapper. This machine produces three side sealed packages which means that the packages do not have a longseal. Although the machine has a double lane in - and outfeed, the Pack 500 DL is controlled by a single control system. The machine's rollers are mounted on the machine vertically whereby the first two seal the film and the third one cuts it longitudinally. Suitable for wrapping single products or multiple products next to eachother, the Pack 500 DL has been particularly successful in the biscuit and gum industry.



    • Two lanes, one control system
    • Three side seals for optimal product appearance
    • Proven applications in the biscuit and gum industry
    • High uptime
  • Technical
    Technical data of the product:
    Max. reel diameter 500 mm
    Max. reel weight 25 kg
    Max. reel width 150 mm / 350 mm / 500 mm
    Film reel inner core diameter 70 / 76 mm
    Finseal height 11 mm / 14 mm / 20 mm
    Cross seal width 20 mm / 25 mm
    Max. Capacity up to 700 ppm (depending on the number of sealing jaws)
    Product running height 800 mm / 900 mm

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Two infeed chains driven by one servo drive
    • Stainless steel product contact area
    • Vertically positioned finseal rollers
    • Unit for lifting the finseal pneumatically
    • Cutting device creating two film tubes
    • Special folding box execution
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  • Application

    The Pack 500 DL has succesfully been implemented in the gum industry for the packaging of pre-wrapped gums into a multipack. The pre-wrapped gums are fed to the Pack 500 DL in groups of 5 whereafter the film is folded around the products in the folding box. The film is then transported, sealed and cut and results into a tree side sealed multipack containing 5 pre-wrapped gums next to each other.

    Pack 500 DL
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