Pack 401

Pack 401

High speed wrapper designed for full automation

  • Overview

    The Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper combines proven technology and application know-how from Bosch Packaging Technology companies around the world, making it truly a best-in-class machine. It marks the next generation of Bosch packaging machines that are available globally and supported locally.

    New features on the Pack 401 flow wrapper provide a high degree of reliability and efficiency. The latest technology in gap control results in consistent and precise seal integrity. A standard dual spindle backstand with power feed roller allows for full automation, providing improved splicing, cutting, auto tracking and tight cut offs.

    The Pack 401 flow wrapper can operate as an independent unit or can be integrated with other packaging systems such as Delta-robotics, secondary packaging equipment, product handling equipment, and various infeed modules.



    • Fast, reliable automation for high production volumes
    • Low TCO (total cost of ownership), thanks to durable construction, long life time, low maintenance levels and high operating efficiency
    • High quality package appearance ensured through state-of-the-art film handling and sealing technology
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Product Range
    Product length 40 - 565 mm (1.6" - 22.2")
    Product width 12 - 250 mm (0.5" - 9.8")
    Product height 6 - 110 mm (0.23" - 4.3")
    Film Reel
    Max. reel diameter 400 mm (15.7")
    Max. reel weight 40 kg
    Inner core diameter 70/76 mm (2.8/3")
    Max. output Up to 800 packages/min
    Max. film speed Up to 80 m/min (3150"/min)

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Self-centering film roller
    • End of roll / film breakage detection
    • Auto splice with knife mechanism
    • Automatic film tracking
    • Seperate drive on first finwheel set
    • Cold seal unwind peeling rollers
    • Air evacuation manifold
    • Gusseting device
    • No product - no film feature
    • No gap - no seal feature
    • Air reject of incorrect or empty packages
    • Adjustable folding box
    • Rockwell Automation (AB) ControlLogix machine control

    ..more options available on request

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    Pack 401

    White Paper

    Product Distribution Conveyors vs. Robotic Feeding

    This white paper addresses the selection criteria involved in identifying an optimal feeding solution as part of an integrated packaging line. Many manufacturers face this decision when automating their packaging line to achieve higher outputs or lower costs. This paper will discuss the key considerations that should be kept in mind when making a decision and compare Delta robotics and product distribution conveyors. Both technologies have there place in modern packaging lines. The decision to choose one technology over the other often can often be made after evaluating the suitability of each versus the following three characteristics of the packaging line and product:

    1. Pack Configuration

    2. Product Characteristics

    3. Operating Environment

    More information on Product distribution conveyors versus Robotic Feeding solutions you will find in our white paper „Product Distribution Conveyors versus Robotic Feeding“.

  • Application

    The Pack 401 flow wrapper covers a large variety of high-end applications and is ideal for handling bakery and confectionery items such as biscuits, chocolate and bar-type products, as well as non-food products and much more.


    Cookie packaging featuring Pack 401 flow wrappers fed by Delfi delta robots

    Success Story

    Advanced Solutions and Kept Promises - a Successful Combination page 14-15

    Charitable chocolate company finds sweet success page 18-20

    Grupo Siro expands product portfolio page 12-13

    Pack 401 flowpack styles:

    • Pillow
    • Gusseted
    • Zig Zag
    • Hole punch
    • Opening aids

    Pillow package
    Gusseted package
    Zig zag package
    Hole Punch package
    Opening Aids package
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