Pack 301 LD

Pack 301 LD

Long dwell horizontal flow wrapper for hermetic packaging

  • Overview

    The Pack 301 LD horizontal flow wrapper is equipped with a long dwell sealing head to produce hermetically sealed packages that provide optimal product protection and longer shelf life.

    With speeds up to 150 packages/min, this innovative packaging machine can be used for the packaging of a wide range of products. It is however, especially suited for fresh, perishable goods as well as products packaged in thicker film like most medical goods.

    The machine's mechanics and controls can be adapted for simple hand fed operation or for fully automated medium-speed wrapping. Designed in accordance with the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principle, the Pack 301 LD simplifies maintenance and maximizes uptime.



    • Long dwell sealing times of up to 1 second ensure hermetically sealed packages
    • Seal time independent of machine speed guarantees constant sealing conditions
    • Independent temperature control of top and bottom sealing jaws
    • No jam feature - automatic detection of product between cross-sealing jaws prevents jamming, minimizing cleaning time and reducing downtime
    • Designed in accordance with the TPM to simplify maintenance and maximize uptime
    • Toolless knife change
  • Technical
    Specifications Pack 301 LD
    Product Range
    Product length 60 - 565 mm (2.36 - 22.2")
    Product width 30 - 220 mm (1.18 - 8.7")
    Product height 6 - 110 mm (0.23 - 4.3")
    Film Reel
    Max. reel diameter 400 mm (15.75")
    Max. film width 450 mm (17.7") [650 mm (25.6") optional]
    Inner core diameter 70/76 mm (2.76/2.99")
    Max. capacity Up to 150 packages/min
    Max. film Speed Up to 40 m/min (1,575"/min)

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Self-centering film reel holders
    • Low film detection
    • Automatic film splicer
    • Splice with knives
    • Automatic film tracking correction
    • Coder mounting
    • Pre-heat bars
    • Air evacuation device for tight packages
    • Separate drive on first set of finwheels to preventwrinkles
    • Mechanical gusseting
    • Air gusseting
    • Delta hole punch/Euro hole
    • No product – no bag feature
    • No gap – no seal feature
    • Empty bag blow off
    • Adjustable former
    • Seal pressure indication
    • Vacuum on discharge belt
    • 650 mm backstand
    • Discharge rejects

    ..more options available on request

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    Pack 301LD

    White paper

    Guide to Flow Wrapping

    This guide presents the basic principles of horizontal flow wrapping. It is intended to educate users new to flow wrapping as well as help experienced users looking for a quick reference guide. In addition to covering basic operational principles of flow wrapping it also includes common calculations and a troubleshooting section to assist users in initially setting up their wrapper, changing over to new products, or solving problems common in flow wrapper operation.

    1. Flow Wrapping Principles

    2. Sealing Fundamentals - Heat, Dwell Time, Pressure

    3. Film Types

    4. Common Calculations & Formulas

    5. Flow Wrapper Troubleshooting

    More information on flow wrapping you will find in our white paper "Guide into Flow Wrapping." Feel free to download the white paper via our

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    White Paper

    Product Distribution Conveyors vs. Robotic Feeding

    This white paper addresses the selection criteria involved in identifying an optimal feeding solution as part of an integrated packaging line. Many manufacturers face this decision when automating their packaging line to achieve higher outputs or lower costs. This paper will discuss the key considerations that should be kept in mind when making a decision and compare Delta robotics and product distribution conveyors. Both technologies have there place in modern packaging lines. The decision to choose one technology over the other often can often be made after evaluating the suitability of each versus the following three characteristics of the packaging line and product:

    1. Pack Configuration

    2. Product Characteristics

    3. Operating Environment

    More information on Product distribution conveyors versus Robotic Feeding solutions you will find in our white paper „Product Distribution Conveyors versus Robotic Feeding“. Feel free to download the white paper via our

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  • Application

    The Pack 301 LD flow wrapper is capable of wrapping a large variety of products ranging from food applications, like fresh perishable goods, to non-food applications, for example from the pharmaceutical industry. An pharma application example is given.


    Robotic feeding - Pharmaceutical blister pack

    Flowpack styles:

    • Pillow
    • Gusseted
    • Zig Zag
    • Hole punch
    • Opening aids

    The Pack 301 LD flow wrapper can handle thick or foil films to increase and support its broad range of applications. These thick foils are mainly applicable in the medical field.

    Pillow package
    Gusseted package
    Zig zag package
    Hole punch package
    Opening aids package
    Fresh Perishable Goods
    Thick or Foil Films
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