Pack 201

Pack 201

Flexible mid-speed flow wrapper

  • Overview

    A large variety of mid-range, multi-purpose applications are covered by the Pack 201 wrapper. It is ideal for applications where flexibility and fast changeovers are required due to its use of servo controls and pre-programmable recipes. Mechanical adjustments are easy to make and are repeatable. The infeed, finwheels and cutting head are cantilevered for sanitation for easy cleaning and reduced maintenance.

    The Pack 201 wrapper is easy to maintain. Its proven reliable technology uses the highest quality parts to minimize downtime. The electrical panel is enclosed and completely separated from the mechanics of the machine.

    Pack 201 HS

    A high speed version of the standard Pack 201, the Pack 201 HS increases the maximum film speed 50% up to 60 m/min producing up to 450 packages/min in a 3-up configuration.



    • Flexible design can handle a wide range of applications
    • Fast changeovers for packaging various sized products
    • High sanitation level for easy cleaning
    • Proven, reliable Bosch technology uses high quality parts, minimizing downtime and increasing machine lifetime
  • Technical
    Specifications Pack 201
    Product Range
    Product length 40 mm (1.5") to 565 mm (22.2")
    Product width 12 mm (0.5") to 250 mm (9.8")
    Product height 6 mm (0.23") to 100 mm (4.3")
    Film Reel
    Reel diameter Max. 400 mm (15.7")
    Reel weight Max. 35 kg
    Film width Max. 650 mm
    Output - Standard Pack 201
    Max. 1-up capacity Up to 150 packages/min
    Max. 2-up capacity Up to 250 packages/min
    Max. film speed Up to 40 m/min
    Output - Pack 201 HS
    Max. 2-up capacity Up to 300 packages/min
    Max. 3-up capacity Up to 450 packages/min
    Max. film speed Up to 60 m/min

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Rockwell Automation (AB) ControlLogix with touchscreen
    • Second film reel holder with manual splice table
    • Brackets for printer
    • Low film detection
    • Automatic film splicer
    • Preheating between the first and second finwheel pair
    • Air evacuation for tight packages
    • Gusseting device
    • Hole punch device
    • No product - no bag feature (reduces film waste)
    • No gap - no seal (reduces jams)
    • Air reject of incorrect or empty packages
    • Gas flushing
    • Stainless steel execution

    .. more options available on request

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    Pack 201 overview

    White paper

    Guide to Flow Wrapping

    This guide presents the basic principles of horizontal flow wrapping. It is intended to educate users new to flow wrapping as well as help experienced users looking for a quick reference guide. In addition to covering basic operational principles of flow wrapping it also includes common calculations and a troubleshooting section to assist users in initially setting up their wrapper, changing over to new products, or solving problems common in flow wrapper operation.

    White Paper

    Product Distribution Conveyors vs. Robotic Feeding

    This white paper addresses the selection criteria involved in identifying an optimal feeding solution as part of an integrated packaging line. Many manufacturers face this decision when automating their packaging line to achieve higher outputs or lower costs. This paper will discuss the key considerations that should be kept in mind when making a decision and compare Delta robotics and product distribution conveyors. Both technologies have there place in modern packaging lines. The decision to choose one technology over the other often can often be made after evaluating the suitability of each versus the following three characteristics of the packaging line and product:

    1. Pack Configuration

    2. Product Characteristics

    3. Operating Environment

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    Pack 201

  • Application

    A large variety of mid-range, multi-purpose applications are covered by the Pack 201 wrapper. The wrapper is perfect for products such as soft bakery items, trays, candy, biscuit stacks and other food and non-food items that require mid-range speed.


    Bakery Packaging - Cookies

    Bakery Packaging - Biscotti

    Fresh Vegetable Packaging - Peppers

    Success story

    Easy integration of new flow wrappers for cookies

    The Pack 201 reaches for the stars in the Middle East (Page 6-7)

    Automated Biscuit Handling with a Gentle Touch (Page 13-15)


    Pack 201 package styles

    Pillow package
    Gusseted package
    Zig zag package
    Hole punch package
    Opening aids package
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