Pack 101

Pack 101

Flexible entry-level flow wrapper

Only available in India

  • Overview

    The Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest product size range currently available on a flow wrapper in its class. It replaces Bosch's former entry-level wrapper, the Doboy Stratus, and offers improved flexibility and user friendliness. It is ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses needing a flexible solution that acommodates multiple products.

    The all-electronic control of the Pack 101 wrapper's motors and drives, enables quick and easy setup and changeovers, reduces product and film waste during production, and offers low maintenance costs.

    It shares production-proven technology applied on Bosch's higher-end flow wrappers. This flow wrapper furthermore reduces spare parts inventory and lowers the total costs of ownership for customers who wish to scale up with Bosch's Pack series flow wrappers. Local manufacturing in the USA ensures speedy delivery and a fast service response to customers in North and Latin America.



    • Flexible design can handle a wide range of products
    • Easy set-up, fast changeover
    • Local manufacturing ensures fast delivery and quick parts and service response
    • Bosch's sealing technology for superior seal integrity and package quality
    • Low maintenance, all servo-motor design
    • Small Footprint
  • Technical
    Specifications Pack 101
    Product Range
    Product length 76 mm (3") to 457 mm (18")
    Product width 12 mm (0.5") to 250 mm (9.8")
    Product height 6 mm (0.23") to 100 mm (4.3")
    Film Reel
    Reel diameter Max. 400 mm (15.7")
    Reel weight Max. 35 kg
    Film width Max. 650 mm
    Max. 1-up capacity Up to 90 packages/minute
    Max. 2-up capacity Up to 150 packages/minute
    Max. film speed Up to 30 m/min (1.181''/min)

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Hole punch
    • Air gussetting device
    • Zig zag knife
    • Pack Feeder 2
    • No product/ no paper
    • Coder and mounting kits
    • Two way eye correction
    • Perforator collar to deflate packages
    • Auto open hot finwheels
    • Air evacuation device
    • Gas flush provision
    • Chilled product guides
    • Offset pushers
    • Spare parts kit
    • 2.5 or 4.0 m infeed conveyor
    • Remote start/ stop station
    • High product sensor

    .. more options available on request

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    Pack 101

    How startup company Wilde Snacks picked a wrapper for its protein bars

    White paper

    Guide to Flow Wrapping

    This guide presents the basic principles of horizontal flow wrapping. It is intended to educate users new to flow wrapping as well as help experienced users looking for a quick reference guide. In addition to covering basic operational principles of flow wrapping it also includes common calculations and a troubleshooting section to assist users in initially setting up their wrapper, changing over to new products, or solving problems common in flow wrapper operation.

    1. Flow Wrapping Principles

    2. Sealing Fundamentals - Heat, Dwell Time, Pressure

    3. Film Types

    4. Common Calculations & Formulas

    5. Flow Wrapper Troubleshooting

    More information on flow wrapping you will find in our white paper "Guide into Flow Wrapping".

  • Application

    The Pack 101 flow wrapper efficiently packages a diverse range of products, such as biscuits and bakery goods, confectionery, snacks, medical devices, prepared foods, hardware, consumer goods, and many more.

    Flowpack styles:

    • Pillow
    • Gusseted
    • Zig Zag
    • Hole punch
    • Opening aids

    The Pack 101 flow wrapper can handle applications up to a speed of 150 packages/min. Automated feeding is an option as well, by integrating the Pack Feeder 2 (PF2) smart feeding system.

    The Pack 101 flow wrapper will replace the Doboy Stratus horizontal flow wrapper. Therefore its range of applications is comparable. To visualise the broad range of applications we can deal with on the Pack 101 flow wrapper, three success stories are given for the Stratus, ranging from food to non-food, large and small products.

    Sucess stories

    Success story Norwood Pens

    Success story Fairtale Brownie

    Pillow package
    Gusseted package
    Zig Zag package
    Hole Punch package
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