KTM 0800

KTM 0800

Fully Automated Tablet Inspection Machine for various Types of Tablets

Only available in Japan

  • Overview

    High Capacity and Inspection Accuracy

    The new KTM 0800 realizes high-speed tablet inspection while enhancing precision detection capability.

    The highly accurate camera-based imaging system ensures a 360° inspection of each tablet without blind spots. Using intense LED lighting with dimming functionality and a new 45 µm high-resolution color line camera with 10 viewing angle optics and Image Processing Unit (IPU) developed by Bosch, the KTM 0800 accurately identifies small foreign particles and tablet defects such as decoloration, breakage, chipping and stains.

    User-friendly and hygienic design

    Minimizing accumulation of dust and powder inside the machine was essential for the machine design, which is especially important to protect camera lenses, as all cameras are facing downward. In addition, flat and smooth surfaces ensure easy cleaning.

    Consequently, machine idle time for cleaning is minimized. Its position can be flexibly changed by the operator. Moreover, a tool-less design facilitates changeover and cleaning efforts. The height of conveying surfaces is considered for operator's accessibility. In addition, the machine has a compact footprint that contributes to saving valuable space.



    • High speed inspection machine
    • High resolution / No dead angles
    • 360° inspection of table surface without any blind spots
    • Wide range of tablet types: uncoated, film-coated, sugar-coated, printed, colored, shapes of oval, round and triangle.
    • Stable operation:
    • Stable belt driving with shorter conveyor belts and high- precision driving mechanism
    • Less powder adherence to belts by embedded power brush cleaning mechanism
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Machine capacity Up to 600,000 tablets / hour
    Flat tablets (Ø 8): 450,000 tablets / hour
    Round tablets (Ø 8): 300,000 tablets / hour
    Tablet types Bare (uncoated), ODT, film coated, sugar coated, oval, caplet, non-circular tablet, colored, printed, engraved, scored
    Tablet size Round: Ø 5-12 mm; caplet: length: up to 21 mm, thickness: 2-8 mm
    Illumination Highly intensity LED light source with dimming functionality
    Sensor / optics Standard inspection: high resolution color line sensor with completely no blind spot 10 viewing angle optics
    Special inspection: high resolution monochrome line sensor
    Inspection Items Standard inspections: stain / particle / chipping / fibers / hair / color tone / shape
    Printing inspection: smudge / graze / color tone
    Special inspection: chipping (high precision) / protrusions / surface roughness / score line / engraving / capping (optional)
    Precision Stain: gradation corresponding to black spot of > Ø 45µm for top / bottom / side view
    Chipping: > 1mm² with clear shadings

    Technical data are subject to change

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