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Kliklok JR

Kliklok JR Topload Carton Former

Kliklok JR

Topload Carton Former

  • Overview

    The Kliklok JR lock-style topload carton former is one of the most versatile and dependable formers in the industry. It is designed to form small- to medium-size cartons.

    Simple but durable construction and easy maintenance ensure smooth and efficient operation. The JR’s compact size makes it a perfect fit for installations with limited space.

    Forming heads can be changed quickly and easily, making the JR capable of producing a wide variety of carton sizes and styles. The JR can also drive take-away and packing conveyors, and interface with fully automated packaging lines.

    • Easy operation with pushbutton control panel
    • Multiple head configurations
    • Quick-change composite forming heads
    • Reliable lock forming


    Your benefits at a glance

    • Speeds up to 75 cpm (single heads)
    • Easy-to-use pushbutton control panel
    • Compact footprint
    • Durable construction
    • Fast changeovers

  • Technical
    Technical Data
    Up to 75 cartons/minute (single head)
    Carton Size Range
    Length (1 head): 100 mm (3.94”) – 420 mm (16.53”)
    Length (2 head): 100 mm (3.94”) – 143 mm (5.63”)
    Width: 90 mm (3.54”) – 180 mm (7.1”)
    Depth: 20 mm (0.787”) – 70 mm (2.76”)
    Power Consumption 3 kVA
    Air 0.7 cfm (20 L/min) @ 80 psi (5.5 bar)
    Construction Fully-welded IP50 powder-coated carbon steel frame. Stainless steel shafts. Nickel-plated chains, pulleys, and sprockets. Clear polycarbonate guards.
    Shipping Weight 650 kg (1433 lb)

    Technical data are subject to change


    Standard and Optional Features

    Standard Features

    • Multiple-head configuration
    • Lightweight feed bar assembly
    • 380 mm ( 15˝) hopper capacity
    • Inclined carton magazine agitators for positive stack advancement and weighted, locking stack pushers
    • Rotary vane vacuum pump for carton feeder
    • Fully-enclosed barrier guarding with interlocked doors
    • Mild steel painted construction
    • Electrical overload protection for motor and pump
    • Leg kit for adjustable height
    • Casters for portability and leveling screws
    • Multi-color light stack

    Optional Features

    • Double head configuration
    • Controlled carton supply system with photoeye
    • Machine-driven outfeed conveyor
    • Controlled vacuum system with remote foot switch
    • Low carton supply alarm
    • Air eject system
    • Stainless steel construction

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  • Application

    Kliklok topload carton formers are used extensively for secondary and primary packaging for these products:

    • fresh bakery (English muffins, donuts, pastry)
    • packaged bakery (snack cakes, cupcakes)
    • cereal/granola bars
    • frozen foods
    • ice cream and dairy
    • refrigerated and prepared foods
    • snacks (multi-pack)
    • cookies and crackers
    • tea and coffee
    • candy and chocolates
    • household goods
    • medical supplies

    Cartons produced on this machine:

    • front-load trays
    • tri-seal hinge-cover charlotte-style
    • hood cover tri-seal
    • cover-to-flange-seal
    • dust flap
    • seal-tuck
    • flip-top
    • special shapes

    Cartons produced on this machine:

    lock trays
    lock tri-seal
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