Osgood W-Series Inline filling machine for pre-made cups


Robust. Flexible. Dependable.

  • Overview

    The W-Series machines are built upon a classic, heavy-duty, stainless steel weldment base design and mechanical drive to provide dependable, accurate, clean filling of liquid, viscous and other food products.

    3-10 lanes. Single, sequential, double indexing or continuous motion.

    Single cup, split cup, multi-cup, Tray, FOB, FOT, multipack with flavor/lane pack-off formats.

    • Stainless steel weldment base encases and protects an all mechanical drive system
    • Mechanical main drive actuates all stations without computer programming
    • Slide-out stations optimize operator ergonomics, accessibility and maintenance while minimizing footprint
    • Format flexibility for a variety of products, flavors, cup sizes and cup styles
    • 3-A Sanitary Standards (3-A SSI) compliant

  • Technical
    Technical data
      Single index Sequential index Double index
    Hygienic standard Clean (III)
    Output* Up to 30,000 cups/h Up to 24,000 cups/h Up to 48,000 cups/h
    Filling range Up to 1L
    Cup size 65 – 180 mm
    Cup style Single cup, split cup, multi-cup, filled over-cap (with toppings), tray
    Packaging material, cups e.g. PP, PE, PET
    Packaging material, foils e.g. Aluminum, PET, multi-layer
    Packaging material, over cap Snap-on, skirted, stackable, un-stackable, pre-filled
    Heat seal type Pre die-cut or Roll stock film
    *Depending on product viscosity, cup and configuration

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    Typical applications:

    • Dairy products
    • Macaroni & cheese
    • Mashed potatoes
    • Multi-layer products
    • Non-carbonated beverages
    • Pet food
    • Pumpable salads
    • Ready Meals
    • Retorted foods
    • Single serve portions
    • Sauces, salsas and dips
    • Non-food (e.g. Cleaners, Personal care)

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