GS 110

GS 110

High Speed Horizontal Packaging Machine for Packages with Portfolio type Folds

  • Overview

    The formation of packages is performed through a folding wheel system. Hot longitudinal sealing is done – fin seal style, folded and sealed against the package. Lateral sealers with controlled pressure ensure perfect sealing of the lateral flaps.



    • Bosch’s cutting edge technology ensures high productivity in a wide range of applications with low operation and maintenance costs
    • Compatible with different transport systems, it easily integrates with ZHG-FS portioning type loaders for an automatic packaging process
    • Integrates with Multipack secondary packaging machines and/or case packing machines
    • Robust and safe construction, ideal for intensive work regimen (24/7)
    • Integrated electric cabinet
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Output up to 110 bags/min
    Bag dimensions
    Flow Pack Multipack,
    Roll Wrap with Tape
    Length 100 mm - 270 mm
    Width 30 mm - 70 mm
    Height 30 mm - 70 mm
    Diameter 30 mm - 70 mm
    Packaging material PET, BOPP
    Web dimensions Reel diameter max. 360 mm
    Width max. 400 mm
    Compressed air consumption 1 m³/h
    Electrical specifications 4,5 KVA
    Machine dimensions 5,000 x 1,440 x 2,110 mm (L x W x H)
    Machine weight approx. 2,000 kg

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    Delicate products, packed on edge in stable packages:

    • Sweet biscuits
    • Crackers
    • Filled biscuits
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