GKF 702

GKF 702

The GKF 702 is a flexible capsule filling machine for research and development as well as production.

  • Overview

    The GKF 702 provides the best conditions for modern, flexible, and safe production. Whether in the laboratory, for the production of clinical samples, or in industrial production environment, the GKF 702 is an all-around, versatile machine.

    The modular design allows for modification or upgrade of the machine processes at any time, making the GKF 702 a “future-proof” and safe investment. Deal times for product change-overs are gone.

    The processing range of the GKF 702 includes (micro) tablets, powders, pellets, and even liquids and combination fillings. Powders are dosed using the tamping pin principle or future dosator system. For optimized batch yields, the slide-gate technology from the GKF 1400 and GKF 2500 machine series is also available. With this system, free-flowing granulates can be dosed in a very gentle manner. Additionally, the slide-gate technology offers production flexibility to fill powders and pellets at one and the same station - reducing capital costs.



    • Modular and flexible layout
    • Ideal R&D application: The Minibowl for small batches
    • Reliability
    • Highly accurate dosing
    • Optimal accessibility
    • Versatile filling possibilities
    • cGMP-compliant design and construction
    • Data security
    • Simple operation
    • Low-maintenance operation
  • Technical
    Technical data:
    Output: 3.000 - 42.000 capsules/h
    Segment bores: 5
    Machine cycles: max. 140 cycles/min
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 2006 x 805 x 1298 mm
    Connected voltage: 400 V ±10% , 50/60 Hz
    Special voltages on request

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application


    Dosing station with patented slidegate technology for filling of powder or pellets.


    The pellet station offers gentle filling and is ideally suited for use in combination filling.


    The Dosator filling station offers gentle filling via compression and vacuum technology.


    Highly precise dosing of small powder volumes (e.g. Inhalation products).


    A defined number of tablets can be filled precisely via the tablet station.


    The servo-controlled liquid pump offers the ideal filling technology for a broad viscosity spectrum.


    Numerous product combination fills are possible on the GKF-series thanks to its modular design.

    Custom Solutions:

    The GKF-series provides the opportunity to customize filling solutions, thanks to its open platform.

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