Doboy S-CH

Doboy S-CH

High speed heat seal gauges up to 8 mil. Gusseted

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    The Doboy S-CH Series Sealers are designed to seal bags containing bulk products at speeds of up to 100 ft/min. Gauges up to 8 mil. gusseted can be used. Applications include fertilizers, resigns, titanium dioxide, garden products, agricultural chemicals, pet foods and many others. Additionally, the S-CH is can be used to seal heat sealable woven polypropylene bags. The S-CH has been constructed to provide many years of efficient production in even the toughest environments.



    • 7 days a week, 24 hours a day operation on large bulk product poly bags
    • High speed 100+ ft/ min
    • The heating and cooling bars are adjusted from one central point
    • Band changeover can be performed in just a few minutes
    • PLC and touch screen control all the machine functions. Allen-Bradley SLC 503 or SLC 504 optional
    • The SCH features a unique single blade saw tooth trimmer which makes it ideal for heavy bag gauges and gusseted style bags
    • The SCH design can easily seal woven polypropylene bags that contain a heat sealant layer
  • Technical
    Technical data:
    Machine Size S-CH-S S-CH-L
    Length 109.5" (2780 mm) 154.5" (3924.3 mm)
    Length with trimmer 134.5" (3416 mm) 179.5" (4559.3 mm)
    Width 53.7" (1365 mm) 53.7" (1365 mm)
    Height 72.6" (1845 mm)  
    Speed Up to 100 ft/min. Up to 100 ft/min.
    Products Up to 8 mil gusseted / coated woven poly propylene Up to 8 mil gusseted / coated woven poly propylene
    Power Requirements NEMA 12, 230/60/3, 14 amps, 6250 Watts NEMA 12, 230/60/3, 28.4 amps, 6250 Watts

    Technical data are subject to change


    Offered in two versions: The SCH-S and SCH-L

    • The SCH-S is suitable for most high speed applications using gusseted bags up to 8 mil, or multi-shift production environments
    • The SCH-L is available for those applications where high speed is necessary as well as a requirement for a tape over closure on very dusty products or hard to seal films


    • Bag top trimmer features a single, high speed cutter blade and positive scrap discharge
    • Tape over feature used for dusty hard to seal product
    • High product detector
    • Band break detector
    • Self contained water recirculation system
    • Fully integrated electronic package that can be supplied for integration with a bagger and scale
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    Woven polypropylene bags have been used as an alternative to burlap or paper bags for many years and have been typically closed with sewing machines. Sewn bag tops contain holes which are an avenue for infestation and moisture to enter the bag contents. Bosch recognizes that this has long been an industry problem. Building on over 70 years of industry experience, Bosch now offers three machines designed to seal woven polypropylene bags. Double fold and glue (Doboy GS-1000), double fold and tape (Doboy TFT) or conventional heat seal (Doboy S-CH). Each style is unique and exciting.

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