Doboy HDPT

Doboy HDPT

Pinch Style Sealer

  • Overview

    The Doboy HDPT is a pinch style bag closer designed to seal an inner bag liner and complete a standard pinch closure, providing the most secure bag closure available.

    Available in three versions, the HDPT provides the ultimate in product protection. In addition to the standard closure, the HDPT is equipped to heat seal an inner bag liner. This produces a hermetically sealed bag, necessary for toxic products or products that have high value.

    • The HDPT 40 features forty inches of heat bars and is adequate for most hand fed application.
    • The HDPT 56 is supplied with 56 inches of heat and is used in automatic bagging liners or difficult bag compositions.
    • The HDPT Capsack provides a bag within a bag. This is important when the outer paper polys are removed and the inner poly bag is used as a batch inclusion or entering a "clean" environment.


    • Bag top carrier chains provide positive bag top control
    • Two heat section lengths, 40" & 56" for normal or high-speed bag sealing applications
    • Cast iron heat bars seal gusset bags more effectively
    • Extra long folder section for smooth, wrinkle-free folds
    • Special compression section belts provide long life and service
    • Air safety switch shuts down power to heat element if air supply is interrupted
    • Digital temperature controls provides precise control to heater bars and manifold temperature
    • Rugged bag closer design for heavy construction for long equipment life
  • Technical
    Technical data:
      HDPT 40 HDPT 56 HDPT Cap Sac
    Length (includes infeed guide) 147.9" 164" 173"
    Width 32" 32" 32"
    Height 75" 75" 75"
    Speed Up to 50'/min Up to 60'/min. Up to 50'/min.
    Std. Electrical 220 / 60 / 3 220 / 60 / 3 220 / 60 / 3
    Air Requirements 6 CFM at 60 PSI 6 CFM at 60 PSI 8 CFM at 60 PSI
    Elevating Range (infeed from floor) 22 - 58" 22 - 58" 22 - 58"

    Technical data are subject to change



    • Casters
    • Coder
    • Right to left or left to right feed
    • Special infeed
    • Bag top cleaning station for dusty products
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  • Application

    Pinch Style Sealers close multiwall paper bags with product weights ranging from 20 to 100 lbs. A pinch style bag features a stepped end to expose the plies of a multiwall bag. Hot melt is pre-applied by the bag manufacturer. The final closure involves reactivation of the hot melt and folding the stepped end over to bond with the face of the bag. Pinch style bags may also feature a separate inner liner that is heat sealed in addition to the pinch closure. This results in a hermetically sealed bag and is commonly used in toxic products or products that are hydroscopic.

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