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Doboy GS-1000 S

Doboy GS-1000 S

Double Fold Glue Sealer for High-Speed Production

  • Overview

    Bosch's most advanced bag gluer, the Doboy GS-1000 S, is the logical choice when high-speed packaging production is required. With sealing capacity of up to 75 bags per minute, the GS-1000 S is ideal for any automatic packaging line. The GS-1000 S features a patented sealer folder design that is virtually jam proof. The fully adjustable folders are spring-loaded and manufactured from plate steel for rugged dependability.



    • Bag top carrier chains provides positive bag top control
    • Special rotary trimmer with twin blades for consistent bag top trimming
    • A line shaft runs the entire length of the bag glue searler to drive trimmers and creasers
    • The creasers score the bag to assist the folder prior to each fold
    • The bag gluer folders are the most advanced available, machined from plate steel, nickel plated and spring-loaded
    • Compression section of the gluer is 40" flat top chain provides compression for speeds up to 75' per minute
    • The glue application provides a multi-adjustable glue gun mount for accurate adhesive placement
  • Technical
    Technical data:
    GS-1000S GS-1000 GS-1000XL
    Length 151" 192" 245"
    Width 44.75" 44.75" 44.75"
    Height 86" 86" 86"
    Height Range 35-79" 35-79" 35-79"
    Speed Up to 100'/min Up to 60'/min Up to 75'/min
    Glue Type Hot Melt Hot or Cold Hot Melt
    Electrical 440-220/60/3 440-220/60/3 440-220/60/3
    Glue Applicator Nordson or Valco, others upon request    
    Product Specifications:
    Products outside these limits may be packaged with machine modifications.
    Bag Size: 3 - 20 lbs.
    Bag Style: Gussetted/ Multi-wall/ Inner Liner Seal (GS-1000XL)
    Bag Width: Min. 3.5" to 15"

    Technical data are subject to change


    Three Models Available:

    • The GS-1000 for cold glue application or lower speed heat sealing
    • GS-1000S for hot melt application
    • GS-1000XL for high speed applications where inner line heat seals are required
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  • Application

    Glue Sealers are intended for paper bags with product weights up to 20 lbs. We offer two fold styles: A double loop fold and a triple or square top fold. These two fold styles provide a secure closure and prevent product sifting. The double fold produces a strong sift-proof closure that is popular for a wide variety of consumer products.

    Glue Sealers offer high speed closing and are typically incorporated into a fully automatic bag liner. Speeds up to 100 bags per minute are obtainable.

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