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CIM 5021 | 5022

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    CIM 5021 | 5022

    Inspection Machine for cosmetic Inspection of vials

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    CIM 5021 | 5022

    Inspection machine for cosmetic Inspection of Vials

  • Overview

    Highly advanced, yet easy to operate, the CIM 5021 | 5022 cosmetic inspection machine employs CCD (Charge Coupled Device) camera-based technology to inspect foreign particles on the top, side and bottom surfaces of lyophilized cake and powders in pre-filled vials.

    The vials are transported through the machine in continuous movement. The system rotates each container 360° and captures up to 24 images during this process.

    The oscillating drive unit ensures smooth transportation of the containers with high productivity, resulting in reliable inspection performance.



    • Low false reject rates
    • Accurate detection of cosmetic defects covering bottom, side, top, crimp and stopper area
    • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA regulation for electronic signature and record)
    • Precision camera technology moves product reliably without vibration

  • Technical
    Technical data:
      CIM 5021 CIM 5022
    Container type Vials
    Machine Capacity up to 18,000 containers/h
    Body diameter (mm) 10 - 30 m
    Container height (mm) 45 - 120 mm
    Detection system CCD camera + vision processing
    Power supply AC200-480V 3 phase 50/60HZ 4KVA
    Inspection tables 1 2

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    CCD camera-based technology for inspection of particulates in high viscosity liquids, foreign particles on lyophilized products, and cosmetic container defects.

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