BVK 2000s

BVK 2000 S

Miniwrap 2000 S

Cutting and packaging in sealed packs at high output – up to 1,600 packs per minute

  • Overview

    Cutting and packaging of soft and hard sugar masses, chewing candy and chewing gum masses. Resettable to plate feeding for formed candy (optional).

    Method of operation:

    • Drive of the forming roller pairs is performed via a servo-controlled separate servo-motor for infinitely variable adjustment of the product lengths and for uniform rope conveyance.
    • Wear-resistant materials and coatings for all rope-guiding components.
    • Rope monitoring between the forming rollers and rope cutter.
    • Oscillating cutter for a straight, smooth cut – integrated stripper on the cutter.
    • Upon cutting, transfer of the product is effected into the short duplex feed chain with a sufficient dwell time for shape stabilization prior to transfer into the packaging material tube.
    • Constant lubrication of the cutter drive, splash lubrication – no oil circulation.
    • High cutter tool life and antiadhesion properties due to the special coating.
    • Integrated components for optional water cooling of the rope cutter.


    • Easy size changes due to infinitely variable adjustment of product lengths, heights and pack lengths, as well as rapidly changeable parts for changing the product and pack widths.
    • Large size ranges covered. High output without changing the crosssealing rollers or driver chain.
    • Solid product-contact components for constant production conditions after size changes.
    • Possibility of on-site combination of the rope feed with our infeed system for preformed candy.
    • Automatic reel changing at end of reel and with web tear monitoring.
    • Easy operator control and size management via touch screen.
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Product dimensions:
    Height: 2 - 15 mm
    Width: 12 - 30 mm
    Length: 18 - 120 mm
    Pack dimensions: min. 40 x 15 mm
    max. 200 x 50 mm
    Output: up to 1,600 ppm
    Machine dimensions: 2,433 x 1,384 x 1,640 mm (L, W, H)

    Technical data are subject to change

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