APK Series

APK Series

Table-Top Visual Observation Tool

  • Overview

    Model choices of the visual observation tool are made according to the container type, size range and diameter.

    The APK satisfies a wide range of application including:

    • Validation of test samples utilized to evaluate the performance of automated inspection system
    • Small batch visual inspection
    • Verification of product rejects
    • Re-inspection

    Corresponding to container sizes different equipment can be provided:

    • Side light system (syringe cartridge)
    • Back light system
    • Adjustable spin speed
    • Spin duration timer
    • Spin speed meter
    • Adjustable light intensity
    • High resolution camera
    • Data network
  • Technical
    Technical Data:
    Model APK 01S | APK 01SL APK 03
    Container types *1 APK 01S: Ampoules / vials
    APK 01SL: Syringes / cartridges
    Vials (small size)
    Container body size 10-30 mm 10-55 mm
    Container height 45-120 mm 45-140 mm
    Spin speed Max. 2700 rpm (50 Hz)
    Max. 3000 rpm (60 Hz)
    Max. 1400 rpm (50 Hz)
    Max. 1700 rpm (60 Hz)
    Spin control function Yes
    Lighting Bottom Lighting
    Adjustable light intensity function No
    Body structure Die-cast body

    Technical Data:
    Model APK 50 APK 51
    Container types Ampoules, vials Ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes
    Container body size 8-50 mm
    Container height 30-250 mm
    Spin speed Max. 4000 rpm
    Spin speed adjustment function Yes (Spin speed can be adjusted during spin)
    Spin time adjustment function Yes (Time required to reach a certain spin speed level which can be accelerated or decelerated during spin)
    # of LEDs 2x 3x
    LED locations Bottom and back Bottom, back and side *2
    Adjustable LED intensity function Yes
    Body Structure Die-cast body

    Technical data are subject to change


    *1 Side light is necessary for cartridge/syringe inspection (side light system is optional)

    *2 Side LED is necessary for cartridge/syringe inspection

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