Ampack - Inline filling machine for pre-made bottles

Ampack FA / FAD

Type FA: Inline single index bottle filling machine

Type FAD: Inline double index bottle filling machine

  • Overview

    The Ampack FA/FAD/FCA/FCAD inline bottle filling machine is able to fill liquid and viscous products into pre-made bottles. Available in ultra-clean and aseptic execution, the machine is designed to fill a broad range of dairy products, as well as baby food and clinical nutrition. Therefore presents an ideal solution for products requiring higher protection and a longer shelf-life.

    Depending on the bottle format, the machine can reach an output of 28,800 bottles/h (with bottom-handling) and up to 54,000 bottles/h (with neck-handling for small bottles up to 330ml max.).

    • Reinforced basic frame with standard modules
    • Improved isolation of cleaning and sterilization media from the environment
    • Fast format changeover
    • Improved accessibility for maintenance
    • Robust machine design
    • Complete end-of-line solutions from one source
  • Technical
    Technical data:
    Output: 5,000 - 54,000 bottles/h

    depending on the dimension and the volume of the bottle
    Bottle sizes: 80 – 330 ml
    200 – 1,000 ml
    500 – 1,500 ml

    further sizes on request
    Possible hygienic versions (VDMA categorizing): Clean (III)
    Ultra-clean (IV)
    Aseptic (V)
    Packaging material bottles HDPE, PP, PET as well as paper
    Packaging material lids Aluminum, PET as well as Coex/ multi-layer material etc.

    Technical data are subject to change

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  • Application

    Filling products for bottles :

    • Milk (UHT, ESL) with different fat content
    • Clinical nutrition products
    • Children and baby food
    • Drinking yoghurt
    • Liquid pudding
    • Muesli drinks
    • Milk mixed drinks / whey drinks
    • Fruit juices with and without fibers
    • Soup with and without particles
    • Ketchup
    • Kefir
    • Water

    Further products upon request

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