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Year of Foundation: 1986

Marginal Column

Hüttlin GmbH

A Bosch Packaging Technology Company


Hohe-Flum-Strasse 42
D-79650 Schopfheim

Phone: +49 (0) 7622 6884-0

Fax:+49 (0) 7622 6884 249


For over 25 years, the process technology expert Hüttlin supplies equipment for granulating, drying and coating of powders used in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Hüttlin, with headquarters in Schopfheim, Germany, was integrated into the Bosch group in 2011. Together with the Bosch affiliate Manesty, Hüttlin completes Bosch’s process technology portfolio for solid pharmaceuticals.

The product range comprises high shear mixers, granulators and fluid bed systems, as well as all corresponding process and machine components. The modular design of the equipment allows for flexible adaption to all batch sizes and customer requirements, from single machines for laboratory applications to large production lines.

On 300 square meters, Hüttlin offers state-of-the-art equipment for the formulation and development of solid dosage forms, as well as their scale-up to production equipment. We look forward to supporting with one of your next projects!

Since 2011, Hüttlin is part of the pharmaceutical process portfolio of Bosch Packaging Technology. The modular designed equipment for granulating, drying and coating ranges from single machines for laboratory applications to large production lines.

Technologies and Products: