Bosch Packaging Technology
Bosch Packaging Technology

Let yourself be surprised at the Bosch Packaging Technology booth at ACHEMA. Here you can get a first impression of our innovations for the production of solid pharmaceuticals.

Xelum R&D – the shortest way from R&D to continuous manufacturing

Benefits for your process:

No scale-up

Direct transfer of process data

Up to four feeder

Integrated mixing process

Integrated material handling

Continuous cleaning of process filters

DoE support

In the field of tableting, Bosch shows the TPR 200. The highly flexible and robust tablet press is characterized by its high cost effectiveness and a compact design. The easy operation and fast cleaning times are additional advantages of this tablet press for R&D and small to medium size production batches.

With the GKF 720, Bosch presents a market novelty in the field of capsule fillers. The flexible platform for small batches is equipped with a washable containment and sets new standards in the safe processing of highly potent solid dosage forms.Fast product changes and short cleaning times with low water consumption are just two of the advantages that come with production.

CPS 1900, CPA 0410 and CPA 0110 – Bosch´s flexible Track & Trace solutions: serialization, aggregation and rework

The carton printing system CPS 1900 is engineered for printing, verification, weighing, labeling or the application of Tamper Evident safety labels. With the manual aggregation station CPA 0410, single cartons can be aggregated into cases. On the same station, it is possible to aggregate cases into pallet. The CPA 0110 is used for rework at warehouse and is directly connected to the upper systems.

For professional maintenance Services can offer you Preventive Maintenance Kits. Based on the CPS 1900 we will show you the benefits of pre-defined part kits.

Sigpack TTMP

Sigpack TTMP – Your safe and efficient top load cartoner for pharmaceutical products. The TTMP was further enhanced for the gentle and flexible packaging of vials, syringes, pens and BFS ampoules. With an output of 30 to 200 cartons per minute, the machine provides individual solutions for both, small and large production batches. Thanks to the tool-free format change concept the TTMP provides utmost pack style and product flexibility. Open design, optional vision systems, code verification as well as track & trace solutions support process safety. The Sigpack TTMP is engineered with highest product protection and maximum flexibility in mind.

Pharma i 4.0 – Starter Edition: new Industry 4.0 solution for more transparency

High productivity and line availability are central priorities for pharmaceutical manufacturers. To provide more transparency and a better overview in production, the Bosch Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition offer a possibility for recording, visualizing and analyzing machine and process data, OEE, and events. In addition, downstream Data Services make it possible to troubleshoot error causes more quickly, and to ensure more consistent product quality. The Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition helps the operator to make real-time decisions based on hard facts, and to do analyzes such as optimization of machine availability.