Bosch Packaging Technology
Bosch Packaging Technology

Let yourself be surprised at the Bosch Packaging Technology booth at ACHEMA. Here you can get a first impression of our innovations for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals.


The SVP preparation system SVP 250LF for the manufacturing of small volume parenterals has been designed for small and medium sized batches.

Special features:

Large processing range

Minimal product loss during draining

Integrated clean room wall

Flexible exchange or installation of additional process modules

Laminar flow ceiling for aseptic manufacturing

I4.0: supervising control system for preparation system and downstream filing machine

Filling- and closing machine ALF 5000

for vials and ampoules. In addition to the Industrie 4.0 application, the ALF 5000 filling and closing machine offers high process reliability and flexibility. In the combi version, the machine also processes injection vials in addition to ampoules. The ALF 5000 can be equipped with all common filling systems and has four, six, eight, ten or twelve filling stations. With consistent product quality the machine achieves an output of up to 600 containers per minute.

In today’s connected world, smart products and systems are gaining importance. At the show Bosch Packaging Services will exhibit a rotary valve pump with RFID technology.

The weight-reduced sorting bowl presented by Bosch Packaging Services significantly facilitates the work of your operating staff. Come and see for yourself!

New freeze dryer from Bosch

Bosch Packaging Technology presents its newly developed freeze dryer. Its modular design makes the GMP-compliant freeze dryer suitable for the production of small batches for clinical trials, as well as for medium and large production batches.

Modular design:

Laser welded shelves, 100 percent controlled and automated manufacturing process

Optimal and patented shelf design ensures uniform temperatures

Variable container size thanks to double shelf interdistance

Patented tilting shelf mechanism ensures energy efficiency and short cycle times

Suitability for Bosch Industry 4.0 applications

Flexible assembly machines

Along with the globally increasing number of diabetes patients, the market for insulin is growing continuously – and with it the demand for pens and other injection aids. This calls for extremely flexible assembly machines that allow handling of a large number of different products. This is the mission of Moeller & Devicon, the Danish Bosch Packaging Technology company.

A scalable approach

Moeller & Devicon has specialized on highly flexible machines and has developed a comprehensive machine range with a compact design, a clear overview of all stations and good accessibility. Thanks to a scalable level of automation, the assembly equipment can be adapted to different requirements and processes. When it comes to first clinical trials, small manual workstations are an ideal solution. Once the trials have been realized successfully and a switch to commercial production is needed, semi-automated or fully-automated assembly machines can be used.

AIM 3000

AIM 3000 – ensures product safety and fulfill highest quality standards: Inspection of ampoules and vials for particulates, cosmetic defects and container closure integrity at rates up to 400 per minute on one single machine platform.

Product contamination by particles may have fatal effects. Bosch Packaging Services offers you particle test sets for ampoules and vials. At the show you will have the opportunity to check containers for particles.

Benchtops for visual inspection and CCIT

Our benchtops allow accurate, rapid visual inspection and container closure integrity testing of small batches and represent the wide range of inspection technologies Bosch offers.

CPS 1900, CPA 0410 and CPA 0110 – Bosch´s flexible Track & Trace solutions: serialization, aggregation and rework

The carton printing system CPS 1900 is engineered for printing, verification, weighing, labeling or the application of Tamper Evident safety labels. With the manual aggregation station CPA 0410, single cartons can be aggregated into cases. On the same station, it is possible to aggregate cases into pallet. The CPA 0110 is used for rework at warehouse and is directly connected to the upper systems.

For professional maintenance Services can offer you Preventive Maintenance Kits. Based on the CPS 1900 we will show you the benefits of pre-defined part kits.

Sigpack TTMP

Sigpack TTMP – Your safe and efficient top load cartoner for pharmaceutical products. The TTMP was further enhanced for the gentle and flexible packaging of vials, syringes, pens and BFS ampoules. With an output of 30 to 200 cartons per minute, the machine provides individual solutions for both, small and large production batches. Thanks to the tool-free format change concept the TTMP provides utmost pack style and product flexibility. Open design, optional vision systems, code verification as well as track & trace solutions support process safety. The Sigpack TTMP is engineered with highest product protection and maximum flexibility in mind.

Pharma i 4.0 – Starter Edition: new Industry 4.0 solution for more transparency

High productivity and line availability are central priorities for pharmaceutical manufacturers. To provide more transparency and a better overview in production, the Bosch Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition offer a possibility for recording, visualizing and analyzing machine and process data, OEE, and events. In addition, downstream Data Services make it possible to troubleshoot error causes more quickly, and to ensure more consistent product quality. The Pharma i 4.0 Starter Edition helps the operator to make real-time decisions based on hard facts, and to do analyzes such as optimization of machine availability.