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Bosch Packaging Technology location Hoenheim

Bosch Techniques d' Emballage S.A.S was founded in Reichstett in 2003. The ‘Core Gum Team’, from the former company Togum, is specialized in equipments for the production of chewing gum and cares about the research. The team works closely together with Bosch Viersen, Germany, where sales and production have been transferred in 2011. A Pharma team joined the site in 2010 and is in charge for customers of the pharmaceutical industry.

Services complete the portfolio

In 2006, the site was augmented with the foundation of Bosch Packaging Services SARL. An after-sales service team provides services locally. The team is your reliable and local partner for all Bosch machines in the sectors of dry food, solid and liquid pharmaceuticals, confectionery, chemicals and cosmetics. It is your nearby contact point for spare parts, modernizations and field service.

In 2011, Bosch Techniques d' Emballage S.A.S and Bosch Packaging Services SARL moved to Hoenheim, next door to Strasbourg.

Bosch Techniques d'Emballage S.A.S./Bosch Packaging Services S.a.r.l.

31 route de la Wantzenau
F-67800 Hoenheim

Bosch Techniques d'Emballage S.A.S. Phone: +33 (0) 3 8820-9810
Bosch Packaging Services S.a.r.l. Phone +33 (0)3 8820-9782

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