Confectionery Laboratory

In our "Technikum" lab facility in Viersen you can have an initial tryout of new products, processes and your new production and packaging machinery. From badgewise and continuous cooking systems over forming lines for candies and bars up to primary packaging the Bosch lab facility offers latest production technology for trials and test runs.

With the wide variety of possibilities offered by the Technikum, with the substantial number of machine installations - including new developments - and the know-how of our engineers we support our customers in developing calculable concepts for products and machinery. After testing, our customers are aware of pending problems, they know of the expenditure for machinery and personnel for processing and production operations and can evaluate the obtainable results. This is the best foundation for the right investment decisions.

Technical parameters identified during testing:

Process technology

  • Cooking temperature
  • Degree of vacuumization
  • Residual moisture content
  • Degree of aeration
  • Degree of caramelization
  • Filling ratio of filled products
  • Structure and texture of the finished product
  • Throughput volume per hour
  • Steam pressure
  • Energy consumption

Packaging technology

  • Film type
  • Film thickness
  • Packaged products per hour
  • Product format
  • Change over time


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