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Horizontal Flow Wrapping

Bosch horizontal flow wrapping machines apply technology to achieve package quality and operation efficiency.

Pack 101

The Pack 101 horizontal flow wrapper is an entry-level wrapper that offers the widest product size range currently available on a flow wrapper in its class.


up to 150 ppm

Pack 201

A large variety of mid-range, multi-purpose applications are covered by the Pack 201 wrapper. It is ideal for applications where flexibility and fast changeovers are required due to its use of servo controls and pre-programmable recipes.


up to 450 ppm

Pack 401

The Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper combines proven technology and application know-how from Bosch Packaging Technology companies around the world, making it truly a best-in-class machine.


up to 800 ppm

Pack 301 LD

The Pack 301 LD horizontal flow wrapper is equipped with a long dwell sealing head to produce hermetically sealed packages that provide optimal product protection and longer shelf life.


up to 150 ppm

Sigpack HCL

Horizontal flow wrapping machine for hermetic packaging. Hermetic packages thanks to longer sealing time.


up to 350 ppm

Sigpack HCUL - Ultrasonic

Robust, fully servo-driven, permanently lubricated machine, with cast metal housing; specifically designed for multi-shift operation. Complete separation between components to be packaged and packaging materials from HCUL’s drive elements.


up to 200 ppm